Timeless 2013

Disc 1:

1. Timeless Genesis:.An interesting opening song. Pretty good.
2. A force de...It's always neat to hear how enthusiastic the audiences are. Another song I like.
3. Comme j'ai mal: Another one of her songs that I like.
4. C'est une belle journee: Another one I like.
5. Monkey Me: An okay song.
6. Slipping Away: A good song.
7. Oui mais...non: Another good song.
8. Mad World: An okay song.
9. Les mots: Another good one.
10. Desenchantee: Another of my favorite songs of hers.

Disc 2:

1. Sans contrefacon: A good song. It's cool how the audience sings along with her at times
2. Je t'aime melancolie: Another good song.
3. XXL: One of favorite songs of hers. A slowed down version at first and still really, really good.
4. A l'ombre: Another song that is well sung.
5. Inseparables: An okay song.
6. Rever: Again, a really good song done slowly.

Timeless 2013 Le film Bande Annonce. This is a video that's about 4 minutes long. It's an ad, basically

My favorites are XXL and Desenchantee.


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