Mylene Farmer and Moby: Slipping Away CD

The CD contains the following:

Slipping Away
Slipping Away, Axwell remix
Slipping Away, Zioot Remix
Slipping Away, MHC Club Remix

To me the song is okay but that's about it. The words are good, though. The intro for the Axwell remix is way too long. Actually, that entire remix should have been about zero seconds long. This remix should have slipped away. Far away. Like, maybe, the Andromeda galaxy, at least.

The Ziott Remix: It is better than the first remix. Unfortunately, that's not saying much.

MHC Club Remix: Quack? Sound's like it's saying quack at times. Yep. It's saying quack. Could remixes be outlawed by some kind of international group that was concerned for people's hearing?

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