Dance Remixes 1994

This is a 2-cd set.

1. We'll Never Die: Starting out as usual. I really don't like dance remixes. I know they are for dancing, and it must seem cool that all sorts of sounds added, phrases are repeated endlessly, etc, but that, at least for me, does not make a good song.

2. Sans Contrefacon: This one actually approaches listenability. It's a good basic song and the sounds that are added for once seem to supplement the song itself rather than being at some kind of war with the song. It also happens to be the shortest cut on the first cd.

3. Tristana (Remix Club): Another actually listenable dance remix track. Just decent music without tons of unnecessary noises being thrown in for effect.

4. Sans Logique: Never relax on a dance remix album. The last two cuts were good; this one is back to being not so good, especially with its being done in a manner which resembles a radio program having problems during its broadcast which causes it to fade in and out almost constantly. That fortunately ends and the song goes into a more normal and listenable mode. Then, though, it goes back into the “bad reception” type of mode.

5. Allan (Extended Mix): Actually it's another fairly decent cut on the track, much like the second and third as far as being actually worth listening to and not annoying. This is getting to be a record of sorts, because usually I find only one or at most two tracks that I can actually enjoy listening to on a remix album and now there's already three out of five tracks on this one that I consider pretty good.

6. Ainsi Soit Je (Maxi Remix): Another fairly good cut.

7. Plus Grandir: Bad. Bad. Bad. A few short, decent parts surrounded by lots of annoying things.

8. A Quoi Je Sers (Club Remix): A fairly long song but actually not a bad one. It even sounds like a song, not a song overladen with extraneous nonsensical noises.

9. Que Mon Coeur Lache [Extended Dance Remix]: Another cut that's more song-like than noise-like cut. Not quite as good as the last cut but still listenable.

10. Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces [Remix Club]: Taken from one of the songs that I really like. This form is tolerable, but not enjoyable.

11. Libertine [Carnal Sins Remix]: The original version is one of my favorite songs of hers. This version has only a minimum of extra sounds at least until the end when a bunch are added. It becomes a listenable song, at least until the end.

12. Je T'Aime Mélancolie [Extended Club Remix]: It doesn't help that this is one of the songs that I don't really like the original version, and this cut doesn't do anything for me, either.

13. Regrets [Extended club Remix] - Mylene Farmer, Jean-Louis Murat: Not one of my favorite songs, either, in either form.

14. Beyond My Control [Godforsaken Mix]: Yet a third song that I don't care for in either version. I actively dislike songs that repeat the same phrase over and over and over. At 8 minutes and 3 second, it's nine minutes too long.

15. Désenchantee [Remix Club]: This is one of the songs that I really like the original version. This one has enough of the original song that I can tolerate this version.

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