Mylene Farmer 2001-2011

1. Du Temps: A pretty good song.
2. Avant Que L'ombre: Kind of dark
3. Fuck Them All: One of my favorite songs of hers.
4. L'Amous N'est Rien: Really cute.
5. Peut-etre toi: Another one I really like
6. Q.I.: A pretty good song.
7. Redoone-moi: A pretty good song.
8. Crier La Vie: Done with Moby. A pretty good song.
9. Degeneration: (Radio edit): Not one of my favorite songs.
10. Appelle Mon Numero: A pretty song.
11. C'est Dans L'Air: Another neat song.
12. Sextonik: Another good song.
13. Si J'avais Au Moins: A pretty song.
14. Qui Mais...Non: Another pretty song.
15. Bleu Noir: Yet another pretty song.
16. Lonely Lisa: Another good song.
17. Sois Moi-Be Me: A pretty good song.

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