Mylene Farmer: Very Best

This is probably a bootleg. The first song listed on the booklet is California which is not actually on the CD. The actual song listing is as follows:

1. Innamoramento: Another song of hers that I really like.
2. Ainsi Soit Je: Another good song of hers.
3. L'amour Naissant: A nice, gentle song.
4. Et Viellir M'etait Conte: An okay song.
5. La Ronde Triste: Another good song.
6. Consentement: Another good song.
7. Sans logique: An okay song but with a sort of spooky opening.
8. Pas le Temps De Vivre: A very pretty song.
9. Desenchantee: One of my favorite songs of hers.
10. Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces: Another good song.
11. L'Horloge: An odd opening. An odd song. Not my favorite.
12. Regrets: A duet. An okay song.
13. Tristana: A good song.
14. Agnus Dei: An okay song.
15. Allan: Another song that's just okay.
16. L'ame-Stram-Gram: An okay song.

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