1. California: One of the ones of hers that I really like.

2. Vertige: A really, really good song.

3. Mylene S'en Fout: A pretty good song, slow but strong.

4. L'instant X: One of my favorite songs of hers.

5. Eaunanisme: Another nice, gentle type of song.

6. Et Tournoie...:Another relatively slow song for most of it. Pretty good.

7. XXL: One of my favorite of all her songs.

8. Rever: Yet another of my favorite songs from her.

9. Alice: A strange song but still quite good.

10. Comme J'ai Mal: Another one of her songs that's quite good.

11. Tomber 7 Fois: Another really, really good song.

12. Laisse Le Vent Emporter Tout: A very pretty, soft-sounding, peaceful song. Very nice.

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