La Sens Et Le Sexe

2005, Greatest Hits cd

1. Fuck them all: Definitely one of my favorite of all her songs. It has quickly become one of my personal favorites.

2. Desenchantee: Another one of my personal favorite Mylene Farmer songs.

3. California: Another really good song, a little more subdued than the first two songs.

4. Sans contrefacon: Another very good song.

5. XXL: Another of the songs of hers that I like the most.

6. Porno graphique: Absolutely NOT one of my favorites. In fact, I really don't care for it at all. Period. Yuck.

7. Regrets: Again, definitely not one of my favorites. I don't like duets and I don't really care for the song itself that much.

8. Beyond my control: One of the songs that I consider annoying. I really hate extraneous, unnecessary and irrelvant noises (like on song 6), and this one has a repeating phrase which I also find very annoying. I actually put it at one of the songs of hers that I intensely dislike.

9. Sans logique: The fourth in a row that I don't like, although even with that I consider it a little above the last three in quality.

10. Optimistique – Moi: Finally, another one of the songs that I really like. I was beginning to feel my concept of “greatest hits” was incredibly radically different from that of other people. So far I six 6 of the songs, strongly dislike 4. Note; that's like, not love. 3 of the 6 I love; the other 3 I consider very good.

11. Ainsi soit je: Another one of her songs that I like. Score: Like 4; Love 3; Strongly dislike 4.

12. Tristana: Another I like, but don't necessarily love. Score: 5:3:4.

13. Pourvu qu’elles soient douces: One that I like. 6:3:4.

14. Redonne – Moi: Another pretty song. 7:3:4.

15. Dessine – Moi un mouton: Another one that I like (even with the strange sheep sound at the beginning.)

16. Je t’aime melancholie: The last song is, again in my opinion, not one that I like. It's too repetitive, too much talking, just not my cup of tea, so to speak.

This makes, for a “greatest hits” cd, only 3 of 16 cuts that I really loved. I liked 8, disliked or strongly disliked another 5. Rather than just say what I didn't like, though, I'll list the songs I would have liked to have actually seen on the album.

This are what I would have included in such an album:

1. Fuck Them All
4.L'Instant X
6.Je Te Rends Ton Amour
8.Souviens-Toi du Jour

Of course, everyone would have their own listing, so I'm not saying mine is the ultimate listing; it's just the songs I'd like to see together.

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