Live a Bercy

Disc 1

1. Overture: Musical. Okay.
2. Vertige: It's all right.
3. California: It's also all right.
4. Que mon coeur lache: Another okay song.
5. Et Tournoie: Another okay song.
6. Je t'aime melancolie: Finally a song I actually think is really good.
7. L'Autre: Back to an okay song.
8. Libertine: One of my favorite songs of hers.
9. L'Instant X: Another really good song, at least for the singing part. There's way too much of an instrumental addition, though.
10. Alice: I actually don't like this one very much.

Disc 2

1. Comme j'ai mal: A good song of hers even better live.
2. Sans contrefacon: One of my favorites of hers.
3. Mylene s'en fout: A fairly good song.
4. Disenchantee: Another one of my favorite songs of hers.
5. Rever: A very pretty, very sad-sounding song.
6. Laisse le vent emporter tout: She does a bit of talking at the start of the song. A really pretty musical background, nice and simple, to a pretty song.
7.Tomber 7 fois: This is the song that reminds of of Joan Jett. Similar type of song and singing. I like it a lot.
8. Ainsi soit je: Another really good song of hers. She also hits some really high notes.
9. La Poupee qui fait non: A fairly good song.
10. XXL: Again one of my favorite songs of hers.

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