En Concert

This is an extremely disappointing double cd. Most of the songs I dislike. Some are like dance remix versions. Some have strange sounds. Some have even stranger music. Her voice sounds off in a couple of the songs, also. Without doubt the worst cd of hers that I have.

1. Prologue [Instrumental]: A very strange musical opening. Very strong science fiction/horror type of music. It's too long. Way too long.

2. Horloge: I don't really care very much for this song.

3. Plus Grandir: An ok song.

4. Sans Logique: Starts with a strange opening; whale song. Plus drums beating. It's a good song, though, quite powerfully done.

5. Maman a Tort: There's a talking portion at the beginning of this and she doesn't sound like herself at all. She's hoarse and her voice seems to be off in pitch. The song itself sounds ok, though. I don't particularly like it, though.

6. Déshabillez-Moi: Sort of a strange song. Again, not one that I particularly like. She's also sounding like Marlene Dietrich in some of the songs; that's fine if the person singing is Marlene Dietrich, but the person singing is Mylene Farmer and this just often doesn't sound like her.

7. Puisque: A long musical opening. When the singing part finally arrives it's rather tame, almost to the point of being boring.

8. Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces: Another very long musical opening. The song part itself is one of the songs I really like, though. The whole thing sounds more like a remix version of the song than the song itself, though.

9. Allan: Another long and distracting opening with Mylene Farmer not really singing until slightly under three minutes into the song. It's not a bad song but I don't care for the concert version.

10. Quoi Je Sers: An ok song. Nothing special about it, though.11. Sans Contrefaçon: A fairly good song, although I don't like this version quite as much as later versions of it that I have heard.

12. Jardin de Vienne: Another song that I don't like. It's sort of lifeless and not very interesting at all.

13. Tristana: Yet another sub-standard song, in my opinion.

14. Ainsi Soit Je: Her voice sounds sort of off on this one, though.

15. Libertine: 12 minutes, 6 seconds long. The first three and a half minutes are basically added-on material, much like in a dance remix version (There's also extras added at other points in the song). The song itself I love, and I think it's one of her best ones; I just don't like lots of extra baggage added to the basic song.

16. Mouvements de Lune, Pt. 1: Musical number. Why?

17. Je Voudrais Tant Que Tu Comprennes: A very forgettable “song.”

18. Mouvements de Lune, Pt. 2: Mostly music. Worse than the other one. Distracting and out of synch with the rest of the concert. Plus a baby crying. Why?

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