1. Agnus Dei: An extremely dark-sounding song with some relatively annoying male repeating the same phrase over and over. Her singing is good, but the combination of the two keeps me from liking this cut very much.

2. Desenchantee: One of my favorite songs of hers.

3. L'autre: A peaceful sort of song, quite pretty. Very subdued.

4. Je T Arme Melancolie: A decent song with a fair amount of talking in it (which I don't really care for very much in any song.)

5. Psychiatric: This opens with the quote from The Elephant Man about being a man, not an animal. This is followed by an annoying male voice repeating some phrase. It's done so often it's right up there with the most annoying things you can think of. I think it's about the worst song of hers that I have yet heard.

6. Regrets: This is a duet song with a male singer. A pretty song with the voices working well together.

7. Pas De Doute: Another nice, fairly soft-sounding song.

8. Il N Y A Pas D Ailleurs: A slow, sort of boring song, unfortunately.

9. Beyond My Control: Another song that I don't care for with a repeating phrase that becomes quickly annoying rather than just interesting.

10.Nous Souviendrons Nous. An ok song but not great.

Overall this was a very disappointing album for me. Only cut 2 is really, really good in my opinion. There are too many distracting noises and sounds in some of the songs, too may endlessly repeating phrases, and some material that is outright boring. My least favorite of her cds that I have heard so far, no where near the quality of the later material.

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