California Remixes

Once again I will dare to confront a remix CD and hope that, perhaps, just perhaps, it will be once that I will enjoy. Three of these add two minutes or more to the radio edit version of the song. The other two add nearly two minutes and about a minute and a half to the base song.

1. Radio edit: The song itself, unsullied by extraneous noises, whale sounds, or people playing with synthesizers while blindfolded.

2. Megalo Mania remix: Starts with a very impressive, spiritual-like opening. For a dance remix it's actually pretty good.

3. Wandering mix: More singing than extraneous noises. This is another good remix version. Two remixes I like on one cd; a record.

4. L.A.P.D. Club remix: A lot more police-sounds, including a most annoying repeating of a certain section of the sounds. More than once. Ah, yes, back to simply annoying rather than enjoyable.

5. Ramon Zenker's Extended Remix: Another fairly listenable version.

6. Gaspar Inc. Remix: Ah, yes. Just plain annoying. Why waste time doing these types of things?

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