Monkey Me with Bonus CD

CD 1

1. Elle a dit: Definitely one that I like.
2. A l'ombre: Another one that I like.
3. Monkey Me: Although I do not like monkeys I do like this song (except for the very ending).
4. Tu ne le dis pas: A good song although some sound effect sounds like someone has a severe case of flatulence.
5. Love Dance: Yep, I like this one too.
6. Quand: A nice, soft and relaxed sound to this one.
7. J'ai essaye de vivre: This one is fairly good.
8. Ici-bas: Again, another one that I really like.
9. A-t-on jamais: Another one that I really like.
10. Nuit d'hiver: Don't like this one at all. Nope.
11. A force de> Okay song.
12, Je te dis tout: Slow and good.

CD 2

1. À L'Ombre (Offer Nissim Club Remix): Okay for a remix. (I generally really don't like remixes.)
2. Du Temps (Tomer G Reloaded Club Mix): Yuck.
3. Oui Mais Oui... (Tomer G Club Remix): What sacrifices I make for the purpose of reviews. There are only very few, very limited parts of any of these that I can actually stand.
4. C'Est Dans L'Air (Tiësto Remix): Arrggh!
5. Dégénération (MHC Future Generation Remix Club):Yet another remix. Oh joy.
6. Appelle Mon Numéro (Manhattan Clique X-Directory Dub): Beam remixes into space. That should scare any space aliens away.
7. Slipping Away (Crier La Vie) (Axwell Remix): Could we get remixes banned under the Geneva Convention?
8. Peut-Être Toi (Full Vocal Cox's Remix): Amazing! Partially listenable!
9. L'Amour N'Est Rien... (Fat Phaze-Obsessed Club Mix): Sounds like battling lightsabers at first. The track itself is actually pretty well done.
10. C'Est Une Belle Journée (Blue Planet Corporation- Elegie's Remix Club): Back to the 'oh, not another remix' feeling.
11. L'Âme-Stram-Gram (Perky Park Pique Dames Club Mix): Well, it's at least the last one of these.


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