Mylene Farmer Videos 2 and 3

Que Mon Cceur Lache

God (who, fortunately is speaking English)

Farmer is playing an angel being sent on a mission by God.

A Michael Jackson look-alike who gets flattened by a cross dropped from Heaven by Jesus.

A very, very strange but very interesting video for a song that I think is quite good.


The video is black and white focusing on a train that she's riding the front of with various other scenes of people. It's one of my favorite songs that she's done although I can't relate the events in the video very much to the words in the song, unfortunately.

L'Instant X

It's a very strange video of everything being overrun by soapsuds, basically. The translation of the song that I read makes virtually no sense at all to me. As for the song itself, I consider it one of the best ones she's done.


An extremely well-done video but not a happy story that it is telling.

Comme Fai Mal

A strange video with a lot of playing with a praying mantis and various bugs and a fascinating forest creature. The song itself is good.

L'Ame Stram-Gram

Two women are enjoying themselves.

Suddenly a group of warriors on horseback attack.

The two women, who are obviously not human, link incredibly long tongues and create a lightning effect but it doesn't stop one of the horsemen from grabbing one of the women and making off with her.

The one tries to rescue her friend but passes out.

Her spirit leaves her body and she comes to the other woman's aid.

They manage to escape.

< p align=center>It has the normal type of tragic but understandable ending when the one girl's spirit moves on to the next realm and the remaining girl can't stand being alone so she kills herself and both spirits fly off together.

It makes an absolutely incredible movie-video plus the song itself is one of my favorites (at least the way it sounds. I read one translation and it is nonsensical in a way.)

Je Te Rends Ton Amour

The woman is blind.

Some kind of creature has followed her there and is cause her to bleed to death.

There's an incredible amount of blood in the video and some, actually more than some, nudity. Whatever attacked her is not a vampire since it doesn't try to drink any of her blood, it's not bothered by sunlight, it's not bothered by the many religious figures and crosses in the building, etc, or if it is a vampire it's a very, very strange one. Again, the song itself is quite good.

Souviens-Toi Du Jour

The place is starting to burn around her.

The fire rages. Another very strange video and another very well sung song.


Definitely a bad hair day for her.

It's obvious her character is being abused at the circus. A magician manages to get her away from there. Neat video with a theme. The song itself is quite good.


From one of her concerts.

Another great song and neat video.

Bonus songs

Ainsi soit-je

A very sad-sounding song (and the lyrics support that, actually), but still an incredibly beautiful song with her hitting a lot of high notes.

La poupee qui fait non

This is a concert performance with her doing a duet. Their voices were perfectly together and on top of that it's a really good song.


Another concert performance, another sad but good song.

Making of


It's obvious that there's a lot of work that goes into the making of these videos. In one section they are filming and there's a sudden noise; it turns out a mirror had fallen and broken. Shortly after that they are filming and there are some light flashes and it turns out someone outside is taking photos.

L' Ame stram gram

This is one of the mini-movie type of videos with the two girls and the attacking horsemen from earlier.

M.F. Confidential

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