Les Mots..Mylene Farmer

For something differing I'm going to give a rating to each track. I'll use a five-point rating system. 1 will what I consider a bad song. 2 will be a poor song. 3 will be an average, ok song. 4 will be a very good song and 5 will be what I consider really, really good. Then I'll average the tracks to come up with an overall rating for the entire cd.

Disc: 1

1. Maman a Tort: A nice cute-sounding song. (3)

2. Plus Grandir Nouvean Mix]: A really good song with the purity of her voice coming through quite well. (4)

3. Libertine [Nouvean Mix]: This is one of my favorite songs by her. Beautiful voice, quick pace. (5)

4. Tristana: A darker-sounding sort of sound but still quite good. (4)

5. Sans Contrefaçon: Another good song. (4)

6. Ainsi Soit-Je: Another good song with her hitting a lot of very high notes.(4)

7. Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces: One of my favorite songs of hers.(5)

8. Sans Logique: I like her singing in the song but I don't care for the extraneous noises or repeating non-singing phrases. (3; would have been a 4 otherwise)

9. Quoi Je Sers: Good song. Good singing, nothing extra added but regular music. (4)

10. Veuve Noire: One of the few songs of hers that I really don't like. It just repeats and repeats and repeats the same phrase. (2)

11. Désenchantée: Fortunately it's followed immediately by one of my favorite songs that she does. (5)

12. Regrets: This is a duet she sings with some guy. I don't care for his voice at all and I think the song would have been one of her best if he had been left out and she had sung it all herself. (3)

13. Je T'Aime Mélancolie: A fairly good song but more sort-of spoken parts then I like. (3)

14. Beyond My Control: Again, a song that uses a spoken phrase and repeats it over and over. It's just something that I personally don't like. The rest of the song is good, especially hers singing, but in this case it's a man repeating the "It's beyond my control" phrase over and over. Boring." (2)

15. Que Mon Cœr Lâche: I like this one. Nice beat, good singing, no unnecessary weird noises or repeated spoken phrase. (4)

Disc: 2

1. Mots: A duet with the singer Seal. If you're going to do a duet, do it with a good singer like Seal. She's good, he's good and they're good together. (4)

2. California: Another really good song. (5)

3. XXL: Really good; harder than many of the other songs but still really works well. (5)

4. L' Instant X: Done in a lower register than she usually uses but even with that her voice is still extremely good. The song has a really good beat to it, too. One of my favorite songs without a doubt. (5+)

5. Comme J'Ai Mal :A fairly good song, but nothing really special about it. (3)

6. Rêver: A very good song. (4)

7. C'est une Belle Journée: Yet another good really song, a little different than some of the others. (4)

8. Âme-Stram-Gram: Without a doubt one of my favorite songs by her. (5)

9. Je Te Rends Ton Amour: Another one of my favorite songs of hers. (5)

10. Effets Secondaires: A strange sort of song. Reminds of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida to a degree. A lot of speaking during it and an alarm clock. My least favorite of the second disk.(3)

11. Souviens-Toi du Jour: A very good song, one of my favorites. (5)

12. Optimistique-Moi: Another very good song. (4)

13. Innamoramento: Yet another one of hers that I really, really like. (5)

14. Histoire d'Une Fée, C'est... An ok song. (3)

15. Pardonne-Moi: A pretty good song.(4)

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