F*** Them All Remixes

The cd contains four songs; the version single, the Mother F... vocal club mix, the Martyr’s remix, and the Mother F...dub mix.

As far as the first track goes, the original song, I really like it, although I’m still trying to find an English translation of the lyrics.

As for the “remixes,” I’m not a big fan of remixes. The vocal club mix has as much relation to the regular song as an earthquake has to a peaceful day. It’s a matter of “how can we make a whole bunch of weird-sounding noises and pass it off as a song?”-type of thing to me. At 8 minutes and 34 seconds it’s 9 minutes too long.

The third song, the Martyr’s remix, at least has a somewhat closer resemblance to the original version of the song and it actually isn’t too bad.

The fourth song, unfortunately, has an opening which sounds like you are in the middle of a carpenter’s convention, and then are nailing boards on to a roof. The rest of the song is no better. If it was played to prisoners in a jail the warden would be accused of cruelty to prisoners. There’s a good reason remixes are not on the original album.

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