Mylene Farmer Mylenium Tour

My thanks to Mark for introducing me to this wonderful French singer.



L`amour naissant

Another really good song and an extremely appreciative audience.


Another excellent song. It's darker sounding than the other two but still really, really good.

Beyond my control

A slightly slow song, very beautiful and a lot of audience singing-along. There's no doubt that her fans are really in love with her and her singing.


Another incredibly beautiful song. The instrumental baking on these is also fantastic.

Il n`y a pas d

Not so much really a song as her repeating some phase over and over.

Mylene is calling

Still another excellent song, this one with a neat dance routine.


The song has basically two parts to it. It's an extremely sexy song with more dancing and more really good singing. A somewhat different style than the other songs so far.


Another really excellent song.


The song contains a long instrumental section to allow her to change her costume.


Another really neat song, very cute.


Strong rock element to this excellent song.

Dessine-moi un mouton

A relatively short song, at the start of which she introduces the people on the stage with her.


Still another really good, very sexy song.

Pas le temps de vivre

Whatever this song is about it proves to be a very difficult one for her to sing. She actually breaks down into tears and several times is unable to continue singing, the audience actually carrying the tune till she joins in again.

Je te rends ton amour

Yet one more really great song.

Souviens-toi du jour

Dernier sourire

Another very sad-sounding song which she has some trouble singing without breaking into tears during.


One my absolute favorite of all her songs.

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