1. Pyar Do Pyar Lo: The girl has a good voice and the song, generally, is upbeat and good. There are some odd vocal noises made during the track, though, and it seriously detracts from the singing. Not my favorite track.

2. Laila o Laila: Both the male and female singing on this track is good. The guitar accompaniment at the beginning for some reason reminded me of Creedence Clearwater Revival, then later on somewhat of the Beach Boys style of guitar.

3. Tere Sang Pyar Main: The singing itself is pretty good.

4. Hey Maine: The sound quality on this track is definitely off in parts. Otherwise it's a fairly decent song.

5. Pal Bhar Ke Liye: The guy has a pretty good voice on this and the song is good. Still, the sound quality resembles a couple of other tracks, almost sounding like the song was taped off a television.

6. Ye Raatain: More musical background to this. It still sounds like bad quality recording, though. The woman has a good voice and the song has a lilting quality to it.

7. Dil Aaj Shair Hi: This one too sounds like the track was taped off a television movie or something. Not a bad song.

8. Wada Na Tod: One of the best songs on the cd. Pretty good singing and musical background.

9. Mehbooba Mehbooba: Only a male singer on this song. It's passable. That's it.

10. Kaahe Chhed: A cute song the way it's sung. Single male, single female and group voices are all used. So far the best song on the entire cd.

11. Hum Tumhen Chante Hain: A guy opens the singing on this track and he's got a pretty good voice. The second part of the song, though, has a woman singing and the low sound quality is back. The third part of the song goes back to the guy singing. The sound quality seems ok when the guy is singing.

12. Badi Mushkil: A woman singing on this one and it's actually a decent song with decent sound quality.

13. Kehna Hi Kya: An ok song.

14. Do Pyaar: One of the better songs on the cd.

15. Choro Chori: A fairly decent song.

This is overall a very, very disappointing album. I've seen some of the Bollywood movies and I've liked them and liked the music. The songs on this cd don't seem to reflect the best of the music (at least the music of the movies I've seen), and the sound recording problems combine to cause major disappointment with this work.


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