Dong Fang 10 Girls Band

If you've ever heard Chinese music before, you probably heard a sort of slow, staid type of music that sounded somewhat strange but still pretty good.

Take out the slow and staid. Replace it with high energy, high quality and a group of incredibly beautiful women and you have Dong Fang. Their performance is of fantastic quality. The song itself is very good and the physical presentation of the band, the way the performers are featured, fall back, someone else is featured, etc, is very good. Absolutely amazing music!

This is really incredible. Start out with a guy playing flamingo guitar (extremely well, by the way), then add the girls going into Spanish music with some Chinese instruments in a Chinese style. The two forms blend perfectly.

Super Star

Really wish I could read Chinese because the tune is familiar to me.

Another great song which, for some reason, seems to sound, at least to me, like it has some Celtic elements in it.

A really neat song, sort of pop-type of music.

A much slower song but still really, really good.

Another good but much faster paced song.

This song is has a definite jazz feel to it.

Sort of a difficult song to describe, really. Perhaps Greek elements? Maybe French elements? Hard to say.

Another song that is sort of hard to describe. Perhaps a slight jazz element to it.

Sort of a techno-pop opening to this song where the women do some singing.

Incredible beautiful background, really good song.

Another good song.



The girls seem to be recording or at least practicinga song. Later they have an interview.


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