Nawal El Zughbi

Recently Mark, someone I met on the net, introduced me to the music of Nawal El Zughbi She is from Lebanon and is a very famous and extremely good Arabic singer. (Thanks, Mark!)

Song 1

Arabic music with a salsa beat. An beautiful girl with a matching voice. Definitely good stuff.

Song 2

Another really, really good song.

Song 3

Another really good song, this time with what looks like Greek-style dancing.

Song 4

She does a lot of running in this video. The song's fairly quick paced and really good.

Song 5

First, this is the best song so far on the cd. She sings more during this song than on the others and you really get to appreciate the quality of her voice even more. There's also a ton of costume changes and location changes.

Song 6

A really good song, this time with a Latin-type beat to it. (Unfortunately I could't get any pics due to a technical problem.)

Song 7

Sort of a lullaby-type song for the child, I think.

Song 8

A very good song with a lot of computer-generated effects in it. One of the things that seem to often appear in her videos is traveling to other countries, even if only for a moment.

Song 9

Another very pretty song by her. Unfortunately, an extremely irritating video. I hate it when ultra-fast shots are used, particularly close-ups and pull-aways done as fast as possible. To me it was hard to appreciate the song; the video was simply that annoying.

Song 10

Another good song.

Song 11

Another really good song and with some very good computer work in it.

Song 12

Yet another really good song with even more computer work involved in the production of the video.

Song 13

Granted, I'm being repetitious, but yet another good-sounding song.


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