Mylene Farmer: The Single File

Paperback, 359pp, 2011.

The book is a very in-depth look at the singles that Mylene Farmer has done beginning with the start of her career on up through the publishing of the book. There is great detail on each one such as name, when it was first thought of, rumors about it, when it was released, the various formats in which it was released and the reaction to its release.

This includes single CDs, vinyls and the videos that were made with them. The book is also in English, the only one that is that way as far as I know.

The only criticism I have of the book is its total lack of photos. There are no photos on the cover and there are no photos at all of any of the cd covers or formats. That surprises me somewhat. It might have made the book longer but it would have made it more complete and pleasing to the collector.


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