Cherry Ames at Spencer

Cherry Ames has returned to Spencer only to find it changed quite a bit. A whole new children's wing has been added. The problem is that they are quite understaffed.

Part of the novel deals with Cherry getting to me some friends from the school and adjusting to her new job of helping the children.

This leads to the other part of the novel where one child, a young boy, behaves badly. His father had been sent to prison for theft. Rudie is in bad health. He keeps telling Cherry that his father is close by and it turns out his father had escaped from prison.

So Cherry keeps an eye out for the father while at the same time looking into the possibility that his father had not committed the robbery after all. The main question becomes if this can all be cleared up before the child's health falls so low that his very survival is in question.

Another good book in the series.

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