Book Reviews

This will be a section where I review a variety of books. These will include books for older readers, books for very young readers, and the majority will be books geared at young adults. Since all types of books will be in one place be cautioned that some books may violate your sensibilities.

The reason I have not separated them is because there is too much overlap between young adult books and adult books. Indeed, in my opinion, many young adult novels are far better than their adult counterparts.

Series Books I Like

4400 series

Beatrix Potter

Judy Bolton

Charmed series

Dana Girls

Doctor Who

Dresden Files

Nancy Drew

Gorgeous series

Grave series

Greywalker series

Hex series

House of Night series

Nicki Styx series

Pepper Martin series

Primeval series

Royal series

Shakespeare series

Sookie Stackhouse series

Succubus series

Tess Corday series

Torchwood series

Undead and... series

Vampire Academy series

Weather Warden series

Other Books

Abduction and Abuse

Eating Disorders





Magic,Fantasy, Science Fiction

Oriental themed

Other Countries



Romance books

SIV & Suicide