Nancy Drew

I like the Nancy Drew series of books. There are a lot of really good websites out there on her, so I'm just going to confine myself to my reviews and an occasional comparison of different versions of the same title.

Series, Comparisons, Etc.

Comparisons between the two different versions of the first 34 books
List of the 34 original Nancy Drew books
The rest of the Nancy Drew books
My reviews of the Nancy Drew Mysteries series
Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew series
Nancy Drew Files series
Nancy Drew Girl Detective series
Nancy Drew Graphic Novel series
Nancy Drew Notebooks series
Nancy Drew Diaries Series

Nancy Drew Movies

Nancy Drew: Detective
Nancy Drew: The Movie
Nancy Drew Notebooks series

Other Books, etc.

Nancy Drew Paper Dolls
Clues for Real Life
Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her
Nancy Drew: A Novelization of the Hit Movie!
Nancy Drew Ghost Files, book 1
Nancy Drew's Guide to Life
Not A Girl Dectective
Rediscovering Nancy Drew
Still Sleuthing
The Lost Files of Nancy Drew
The Nancy Drew Sleuth Book
Making the Case for Nancy Drew article

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