Cherry Ames: Camp Nurse

Cherry has yet another different job, this time helping at a summer camp for boys and girls. It's in the woods with typical woodland activities and Cherry only has to treat normal thinks like scratches and things like that.

The problem arises when a guy named Mac Cook shows up and does a lot of work around the camp. He seems to get along well with the kids and the adults, but has a habit of mysteriously disappearing from time to time when a certain photographer, named Purdy, shows up. It's a mystery that Cherry wants to solve.

As she works on it she finds it's a lot more complicated than she thought. The mystery involves a bank robbery, the possibility that Mac Cook may be the robber, the very moody photographer, a mystery man in the woods and other things going on. It takes a lot of work on her part and even puts her life in danger, but Cherry, as always, triumphs in the end. It's a good addition to the series.

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