Judy Bolton: Seven Strange Clues


Judy is attending Farringdon Girls' High School. Horace is her brother. Grace is known as 'Honey.' Irene is a girl who works in a silk mill and goes to a different school to take evening classes. Her father had become ill from the paint used in the factory. Irene's family also takes in borders to help their financial situation.

The school is having a project to paint posters and that starts the problems. Judy is doing her work in the basement and she hears the sound of breaking glass but can't find anything broken. Then an apple disappears from the bowl of fruit she was trying to paint, and a whole stack of papers also mysteriously disappears. To top it off, the school basically disappears after a mysterious fire burns it to the ground.

Kay Vincent is a very mean student and her father, Harry Vincent, is even more mean.

Things get very confused when the poster display is held at a department store and Judy's wins first place. Problem is, Judy never submitted her poster.

Then there's also one other little problems to solve. Liquor thieves, an unknown tunnel and a major thief. A very interesting book.

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