The Clue in the Ivy

a couple of themes going on in this story. One has Louise and Jean learning how to fly a plane. The other deals with a mysterious abandoned college and chapel, a bell that seems to ring due to a ghost and some hidden passages.

The story also has probably the best reason that Lettie should be expelled from Starhurst Academy. In the past she's been so mean and manipulating that it's surprising she wasn't already expelled, but in this story she pulls a stunt that could have resulted in the death of one if not more people. This is in addition to other trouble she causes and, to me, should have been solid grounds for removing her from the school forever.

There's a rumor of a treasure buried on the grounds of the old college with money that is desperately needed to restore the school and turn it into something useful. Some one is trying to buy the old place with the strong possibility of making it compete with Starhurst. Guess who's behind that.

There's also some romance in this story. It all turns out well, of course, and is one of the best books in the series.

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