Mystery at the Crossroads

This is the first Dana Girls mystery I have ever read and I find it to be well done and quite interesting. The Dana girls are Jean and Louise. Jean is blond and 'vivacious' and Louise is dark haired and serious-minded. They go to Starhurst School, a boarding school. There's a very interesting pair of girls, Lettie and Ina, that are their enemies, so to speak, at school, and add humor and interest to the story.

The story also involves gypsies who have camped relatively near the school, an old Civil-War era abandoned inn, stolen goods, and a lot on gypsy lore and procedures. There's also a romance between a gypsy girl and a gypsy guy who has been kicked out of the camp, supposedly for stealing, and a nasty gypsy guy that wants the girl for himself.

There's also an absent-minded professor who works at the school and aids the Dana girls from time to time.

There's also a major crook involved, secret messages, a girls-in-the-dungeon scene, and the Danas working closely with the police.

It's really an enjoyable story and I intend to read more of theirs in the future.

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