The Ghost in the Gallery

1955,1975 dates.

The basic story is that the girls at the school want to hold a play in an old opera house owned by a woman that lives relatively near there. Things start going bad when Louise and Jean's music is stolen. Lettie is up to worse tricks than normal.

The girls end up being thrown into a pond and shoved down a well. They end up trapped in a room and one is flattened by a piece of scenery. A lot of things go wrong in the opera house included the appearance of what some think to be a ghost.

The whole thing centers around some stolen jewelry.

What is sort of hard to understand is why Lettie has not been expelled from the school. At least some of the pranks she plays are ones that could have ended up with Jean and/or Louise badly hurt. Also, some of the bad people end up getting off rather easily when they could have been charged with assault, attempted murder, trespassing, destruction of private property, etc.

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