The Secret at Lone Tree Cottage

This is the second book in the Dana Girls series. The main mystery starts with the disappearance of Mrs. Tisdale, the girls' favorite teacher. She seems to have been kidnapped. Later her sister is found, and a tale of family difficulty is given. There's also another kidnapping involved, that of a very young girl.

Uncle Ned plays a pretty major role in the story, and there's also the ever-humorous Lettie and her attempt to cause the Dana girls trouble.

The girls use about every way to get around in this story, including walking, riding a horse, driving a car, and being in a boat (and nearly getting killed in the process.) There's a pack of vicious dogs that they have to deal with and, of course, the main baddie.

One of the odd references to us, but not necessarily for that time the book was written, was a reference to 'excitable females,' used when some guy didn't want to believe what a women were saying.

This is another good story in the series.

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