The Secret at the Hermitage

This is the fifth book in the Dana Girl series and it's excellent. There's a lot of the usual hi-jink involving Lettie and the Dana Girls at Starhurst Academy.

The book centers around a small statue the girls find, entitled 'The Recluse.' From there they are led on a mystery about who made the statue and what happened to that person. They find that the woman had escaped from a prison. A crazy ex-warden keeps mistaking one of the Dana girls for the escaped prisoner, and we find that both girls end up having an extremely difficult time as the story unfolds. In fact, whether or not Louise and Jean will actually live to the end of the story is put into question.

Then there's the issue of an old hermit at a cottage in the forest, another woman at the prison who knew the escaped woman, a very young child, and a cave-in. There's a lot of stuff going on in the book and it's probably even more action-packed than any of the others in the series so far.

The only thing I didn't like about the book is the cover of the copy that I have.

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