The Club in the Cobweb

This 1939 book has the Dana Girls involved with jewelry smugglers, cattle rustlers, an invention Jean has devised, a sleeping powder, Chinese (who use the language they are 'expected' to use at that time) and the ever-present Lettie who causes a lot of trouble.

Why Lettie has never been expelled is a major question. She has no redeeming qualities at all. Period. None.

Anyhow, the girl's uncle has had a problem on his boat. A woman appears to be missing and this could have a very negative impact on his position. They work to help their Uncle but along the way find people mysteriously sleeping. They save a guy from drowing (remember-no good deed goes unpunished. Ferengi proverb.)

This leads to illegal immigrants, an extortionist, and his tie-in with the jewelry thieves. When they trvel west to a ranch with a friend of theirs matters don't get much better as they have to deal with cattle rustlers and horse thieves.

Meanwhile Jean is still trying to get her invention to work but, as usual, Lettie is her horrid self and forces a setback on Jean's work.

There's obviously a lot going on in this story and it's another really good Dana Girls mystery.

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