The Circle of Footprints

The girls receive news that an airplane crashed into their Uncle's ship while it was at sea. Lettie's father was hurt in the crash.

They then meet a young boy named Joe Doke who was a delivery boy but who loses his job. Then the main theme hits when a thief takes a box that had money in it. Joe's mother thinks the money had been stolen. The girls get the box back and want it put into the bank, but the mother says no.

Then a buried chest is also found at the home. There's also a guy that is leaving strange footprints at the site. Meanwhile Lettie causes a lot of trouble in this story, moreso than she usually does.

Later the girls get a list of people that the woman's husband had cheated money out of, and they plan to pay him back from the money in the tin box they found. Much of the story revolves around their search for these people, and nasty people who pretend to be someone they aren't just so they can get some of the money for themselves.

As always, things turn out well in the end. It's another good story in this old series.

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