The Mystery of the Locked Room


This is a real good book in the series and is rather complex. Lettie plays a major part in the story, I think the most important role she's played yet. She's involved in mysterious doings with some adult guy who the Dana girls don't trust. Another theme is Applecore's getting some money from an inheritance and how she reacts to that. Yet another them involves Mrs. Crandall wanting to buy a place that she can establish a summer camp for girls out. Another theme involves a new girl at Starhurst who seems to be mysterious herself.

That place remains the main focus of the book as the Dana Girls are sure it hides a secret room. There also seems to be someone sneaking around the place. There's as a 'borrowed' horse, a sunken canoe, and stolen research papers.

The entire thing makes for one of the best Dana Girls mysteries yet.

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