Tug of War

This is the 14th book in the Sweet Valley Twins series. The sixth-grade president for the school is moving away and so a new president needs to be elected. Also, a bookfair is going to be held and there is a question of what to do with the money.

Jessica wants to run for president and spend the money on a lavish costume party for the sixth graders. Elizabeth ends up running, wanting to buy a new VCR for the school media center.

The two girls clash over and over with Lila playing some of her dirty tricks. The twins are to the point of having nothing to do with each other any more.

Then there's a third candidate, a dark horse named Randy who is a nerd and seems to have virtually no friends at all. Yet Elizabeth finds out that Randy has a lot of good ideas on what can be done with the money from the bookfair and has lots of other good ideas on what can be done for the school in general.

The question becomes what will Elizabeth do? If she stays in the race she could win, yet there are the constant battles with her sister. If she drops out it seems that Jessica will automatically win the race. Should she throw her support behind Randy and his good ideas, or leave everything to her sister?

Another good story in the series.

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