Sweet Valley Twins #3: The Haunted House

There are two closely intertwined themes in this volume. The main theme is bullying, although the theme of prejudice also is noticeable.

The Mercady's home is one that is feared by the students. They think that the old woman living there is a witch. One day a new girl, Nora, shows up and moves into the house. The students at school are very, very cold to her, assuming she is a witch.

The main problem arises when the Unicorns, and especially Lila, decide to start bullying Nora and things get quite bad for the girl. Elizabeth has a plan to help but it backfires. Then things get worse when a group of boys plans to vandalize the house. Elizabeth takes action again and, this time, things work out. The students find out about the people who actually live in the house and end up getting pleasantly surprised.

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