You Tube Music Videos

A number of people have made music videos based on Sweet Valley High and put them up on You Tube. Below are thumbnails from some of them.

All To Myself

All Together

Carol of the Bells



For All Time

I Guess I Love You

Have Youself a Merry Little Christmas

Heaven Was Not To Far

Here We Go

I'm Stuck Inside My School

I've Got the News


Living Underground

Look at Me

Missus Mississippi


My Ears Are Burning

My Jessica

My Prince Had Come to Stay

Picture Perfect

The Road is Long

Rose Colored Glasses

Run You Over

She Wants to be in Color

She's Got the Answers

She's The Lady

Welcome to the Real World

We're On a Holiday

We're On Our Own

We're So Free

Whatcha Doin' Tonight?

Will She Follow

You Don't Know Me

You Gotta Move It

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