Mystery of the Wax Queen

The story starts off with the girls at a fair where prizes are given out including a sports car. A woman tries to stop the drawing and is escorted out of the tent. Before long Uncle Ned ends up calling the girls and tells them of a mystery.

This leads to meeting a woman known as the Wax Queen who is an expert at doing wax busts. There is a really nasty guy (her brother)who wants to buy out her business for mere pennies and this leads to odd things happening including a stolen bust. There's also break-ins and other things happening, both related to the Wax Queen and related to the county fair car giveaway which seems to be bogus.

This is all fairly typical stuff for a Dana Girls mystery but what makes this book perhaps unique is that the Wax Queen claims to have ESP and it seems that she really does. Normally books like this don't accept ESP, ghosts or anything like that as real but this one not only does but works it into the story quite well.

This all works together to make a good story.

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