My Animal Crossing: City Folk Diary

Part 1

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Vine-wrapped pole

Tuesday, November 18, 2008: Our first day! Bunnicula and I are going to (have to) share a town. The Wii and AC:CF only allows one save-game/one town. Our new town is named New_Hope. Most of this diary will be photos, as there is now an in-game camera, which is wonderful!


Working for Tom Nook

Green-purple line

Wednesday, November 19, 2008:

Bunnicula has begun landscaping Almost time to go to Treetown In Scott's town Scott gets a sombrero And a rose!
At home: I catch a monarch butterfly Beautiful autumn sky At TwoMoons Ember is unhappy! Ember, Amy, and me


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Thursday, November 20, 2008: It's Bunnicula's turn to forage for mushrooms today. We're trading off days for that.

I plan to go to the City again today (I went my first day). I want to get another emote from Dr. Shrunk. And maybe I'll get a shoeshine, which can change the colour or style of your shoes! ("Get the cool, get the cool shoeshine..." -- Gorillaz) Ooo, and I want to get a bubble wand from Phineas! He gives free gifts to all that ask.

I've paid off my first mortgage and have had my first expansion done on my house. The next mortgage is a doozy!

Meanwhile I am being the import/export agent for our town, going far afield to get foreign fruit. Our native fruit is peaches. I was able to trade for cherries and oranges yesterday. We still need apples, pears, and coconuts. Bunnicula is going to take care of most of the landscaping, fossils, and gyroids. We'll probably share in the fruit harvesting, when we get our fruit factory going.

With Sarah in CLIC* Squirmy lobster! Wearing a Mii mask Anchovy staring at the cliff wall--weird! Wearing my elegant hat bought at GracieGrace's
On the town! (in the city) At home in my finery Beautiful autumn night sky Creepy ugly football fish!  


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Friday, November 21, 2008: Fishing:

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Saturday, November 22, 2008:

Crazy eyes! (it's an olive flounder) The first of THREE koi I caught this evening! K.K. Slider in concert
Hangin' with Wendy after the show Cool Rod! "I can't use these things together!" Woohoo!


Green-purple line

Monday, November 24, 2008:

I started a new (secondary) character today--of course his name is Sonny, like in my other games. He's going to help me/us get extra things we might not be able to get ordinarily.

More woohoo! The only time Mr. Resetti isn't scaring the daylights out of you Poor Wendy! Amy and me in her town of Moonbeam
Our new town flag, by night Hitting the hay Sonny on a late-night trip to the city


Green-purple line

Tuesday, November 25, 2008: I went to Jessica's town of Dolaran in the evening. I bought so much stuff from her shops, I had to carry the umbrella, my pockets were so full!

Our gate house Jessica's gate house Jessica and me Announcement
Rod's angry! Rod, blocking my doorway! (but no longer angry)  

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008: A day without a shop. Tom Nook's was closed for remodeling. In the late evening I decided to go around and shake every last tree in town. I got stung by six different hives of bees; but I got over 2000 Bells + two pieces of furniture (an asteroid and a Japanese drum) for my efforts.

Caught in a pitfall! Better landscaping Beautiful night sky
Eye swollen shut due to bee stings! Neighbours react differently to "what happened to my face"--Rhonda asked me if it was contagious and I said, "Maybe". Heh.

Green-purple line

Thursday, November 27, 2008: The Harvest Festival! (entry cross-posted from CountryMouse's Refuge)

Bunnicula and I ran around (carefully) for about three HOURS in our town of New_Hope, getting cutlery sets from the mayor, Tortimer, then trying to find where Franklin the Turkey, the dish, errr guest of honour, was hiding each time. We'd give the dangerous implements to him in exchange for a piece of his rare Harvest furniture.

I did it for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, then my hands and wrists started hurting. B. then did it. He must be holding the Wiimote and nunchuck differently, as he doesn't get tired. Also, it helped having two pairs of eyes watching behind each tree and building as he moved his character around.

So all in all, B. and I were able to get me a complete set of the Harvest furniture, plus a few extra pieces (Franklin sometimes gave duplicates). B. didn't care about having a set (which would've taken maybe another couple or so hours to get!).

I thought the Harvest Festival was going to end at 6pm, so I felt we were racing against the clock to get the 10 pieces of furniture plus the matching wallpaper and carpet. But 6pm came and went and the festival was still going on! We felt it was definitely time to quit!

Why it's important to get a complete furniture set: it gives you a good rating with the HRA (the Happy Room Academy), especially if it's a rare set that you can't just buy from Tom Nook's store. This is a once-a-year chance to get such a set. The next time will be Dec. 24th, when Jingle the Reindeer comes to town in the evening. More running around to get more rare furniture! :-D


Waiting for the guest of honour! Franklin freaking out on three separate occasions in the afternoon What I bought at the Able Sisters shop


Green-purple line

Friday, November 28, 2008: For a while, in New_Hope, it was cloudy and a bit foggy. Then it cleared off and we had a bright sunny autumn afternoon.

Looking up towards the gate Puddles, standing on the bridge Our local shop


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Saturday, November 29, 2008: The weekly musical event at Brewster's coffeehouse, The Roost: travelling musician K.K. Slider serenades us with all manner of wonderful songs!



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Sunday, November 30, 2008: Enjoying the cool night air in our beautiful town.






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