My Animal Crossing: City Folk Diary

Part 2

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Vine-wrapped pole

Tuesday, December 2, 2008:

Mallary, staring into the Museum Willow is ill, in Catra's town of Etheria My home, lit only by the lights on my beautiful Festive Tree!


Green-purple line

Wednesday, December 3, 2008:

Sonny checking out the model room at the Happy Room Academy HQ in the City And whose room that is! Snow in the City! Standing in a very tiny field of wheat inside my home


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Friday, December 5, 2008: Early evening adventures:

Puddles' reaction after Rod has her smell his week-old non-washed shirt! Mallary has lost her key And Sonny finds it in the river! Biskit is feeling all masculine, holding that shovel, saying he looks like he shouldn't be messed with--heh.


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Saturday, December 6, 2008:

My wheat field got bigger! K.K. grooves out


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Sunday, December 7, 2008: Night fishing:

I sold it--I need the Bells I sold the stringfish too! 15,000 Bells! I need to pay the mortgage!


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Monday, December 8, 2008: (cross-posted from CountryMouse's Refuge): This afternoon I went to our town of New_Hope in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Bunnicula said he's mostly finished putting in the fruit trees that he's going to set in. And he showed me how we are going to split the harvest. It's gonna work well, with each of us getting about 100,000 Bells every three days! Well, after the Fruit Factory is up to full production, that is. There are trees that are not at full stature yet, but will be producing fruit in a few more days.

I also took the bus to The City today. This was the first time it was snowing outside when I've been on the bus! I wish I could've taken a photo, but it's all one big cut-scene, so you can't. It was snowing in The City too, when I got there. Beautiful! I checked out Redd's, but he has the same items he's had for several days. I bought my secondary character, Sonny, a tuxedo and a masquerade mask at GracieGrace's. On the bus ride back to New_Hope, there was no snow; and it's a clear day in our town too.

Snow in the City

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008:

Having coffee with Kapp'n Puddles, quite distressed SNOW IS COMING!!



(cross-posted from CountryMouse's Refuge): The bulletin is always posted on the town bulletin board on December 9th. The snow always arrives on the 10th. This is true for the GameCube version of the game; the DS version (Animal Crossing: Wild World); and now it's proving true for the Wii version (Animal Crossing: City Folk). I just didn't check the bulletin board carefully enough today: there were several things posted today. I needed to page back to the first one to see the storm warning. Photo will be up later, to show the exact wording. Tomorrow everything will look different under a blanket of white. It'll be beautiful!   [end of post]

GameCube Animal Crossing AC:WW


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008:

After midnight and no snow Night fishing Almost closing time at Nook 'n' Go Pause in fishing to admire the sky Not a bad thought
My pet cricket and me A late-night trip to the City to see if it was snowing there Taking the bus back home More night-sky-gazing--always awe-inspiring It's morning! The snow is falling, but is it sticking?
Wendy is covered in wool! Why in the world is she cold?! Gatehouse view of the snowstorm Pete, our mailman A quick dash to the City to see if the snow is sticking there--it wasn't
Warmer clothes! Over it goes! The fish fights back! Fishing, fishing... Next stop: a second story!


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Thursday, December 11, 2008: Finally! Snow on the ground!

Talking with Wendy Our gatehouse, covered in snow Peek-a-boo! Tom Nook is upgrading again! Our town bulletin board
My new and unusual second floor Sonny's going to have a bigger house tomorrow! Snowy bus stop Going to the City--it was snowing there, but no evidence that it was sticking  


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The Rest of December, 2008:

Wart Jr. is moving out :-( Aurora Borealis! So lovely!
I won! Pretty lights around town! And pretty lights in my home. A chat with Pete
Phineas gives out free gifts in the City Grass so worn away, we are trying pathways
Our funny neighbours Phineas and Samson Bella talks to Sonny
Dora, worried about the tunnel under the city Adorable Dora Dora and Samson Mr. Resetti in the Resetti Surveillance
Center under the City.

I didn't chase around after Jingle on the night of December 24th, but Indigo of Cordovan was kind enough to give me an entire set of the Jingle series of furniture (they had extra)!

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New Year's Eve 2008:


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January 2009:

We have a grand department store in town now! One of the few snowmen I was able to create
At The Roost with Becky and Wendy We achieved the Perfect Town!


Monday, January 26, 2009, 10:55pm: In the last few days Bunnicula and I have decided to stop playing, at least for a while. Nothing new is happening, plus we are so upset about the wearing away of the grass/snow. There is barely enough snow to make snowmen, which is the only way you can get the Snowman furniture series.

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[added Tuesday, August 23, 2011]:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009:  We had a very bad leak at the ceiling/wall over our living room windows due to lots of snow and ice that built up in the gutters and started leaking into our apartment. The leak was right by our cable modem, TV, DVD player, game machines, etc. I wasn't sure when I first discovered the leak if the Wii was going to be okay. When I reached it that morning, it had some splashes of water on it. :-( I rescued it as quickly as I could, and it turned out to be okay. However we ended up having to unplug a lot of things in that area and cover most things with plastic drop cloths.

April 2009: Everything stayed that way for months until the repairs were finally made in April. B. and I did go back to our town at Eastertime 2009, to get the Egg Series of furniture from Zipper T. Bunny. After a few days, we stopped playing again.

The Egg Series of furniture New hairstyle, new fashions
Our poor town is so barren, hardly any grass Attending a K.K. Slider performance I paid off my final mortgage!

July 26, 2009:
We went back for one day to see if the grass had somehow started to grow back. It hadn't.

Mousie in front of her house The slope down to the sea Almost NO grass Our poor desert town

We stopped playing altogether for almost two years.



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