My Animal Crossing: City Folk Diary

Part 3

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Vine-wrapped pole

Tuesday, August 23, 2011: Bunnicula and I went back to New_Hope at the end of May of this year. The grass situation was as bad as we had remembered. But we had the itch to play again. And how we solved the grass problem is we laid down Wendell's grass pattern all over town, giving it the ILLUSION of being a nice green grassy town!

We've been piling in the Bells, what with the enormous expensive BUGS in the summertime! We both bought the GracieGrace Sweets series of furniture, but I had to hold off using it until I could get the two-story house model (the HRA does not think GG furniture is rare, so does not give a good score for it). Tomorrow I'll be redecorating and putting my Sweets furniture back in and taking the Jingle furniture OUT. Maybe I'll have Sonny put that up on his second floor. He's got the Mario theme going there at present, but I think the Jingle series might put him over the 150,000 point mark. ANYWAY, photos coming!


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