My Animal Crossing: Wild World Diary

Part 1

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Vine-wrapped pole

Tuesday, December 6, 2005: My first day! Kapp'n is now driving a taxi. This afternoon he brought me to Candlefd in the pouring rain and left me off at the Civic Center. Pelly gave me a map and directed me to my new house!

Tom Nook met me there and explained the (high!) mortgage I will have to pay him. He suggested working part-time at his store for a while to help pay that off. I did so, and it helped make a dent in the debt.

Let's see: there are three townsfolk so far: Cesar, Deena, and Rod. Cesar is a rather grumpy gorilla (but I like the grumpy guys, so no problem). Deena is a fishing-happy duck girl. And Rod is a mouse jock who is also into extreme bug-catching. I like them all. :-)  

The native town fruit is peaches. I am going to have to get some visitors...and visit some other get other (exotic) fruits! I have heard that if I watch, a coconut may eventually wash up on the beach. Then I could begin lining the beachfront with coconut trees.

I picked up seashells and fished and fished and fished and finally got my mortgage paid off tonight! I did so much shopping at Nook's Cranny that he's closing tomorrow to remodel and expand! Also, my own house will be renovated overnight and will be a bit larger! (thank goodness!)

I made a couple constellations at the observatory: Flounder and Crown. ::grin:: Hey, don't expect Latin or high-flown constellation names from me. :-P

I had a cup of EXPENSIVE coffee at The Roost. I hope if I go there frequently Brewster will start talking to me more.

I walked around town a little after 11pm. Do *any* of the townsfolk ever sleep?? They were all up and about still! Anyway, that was my first day in Candlefd.

 Green-purple line

Wednesday, December 7, 2005, 12:32pm: My house is bigger. :-) Yay!

Word to the wise: watch where your left thumb is at ALL TIMES. I did a lot of fishing this morning and donated to the museum; helped Saharah with some deliveries; got some useful things out of the recycle bin; etc. But then I accidentally hit the off button. SERIOUSLY, an ACCIDENT. Of course you *know* what happened when I started up again. Yes, a five-minute lecture from Mr. Resetti outside my front door. ::sigh:: No way to explain. He was teed off. And that was him being polite. Then I had to go and redo all those things I had just done. What a waste of time. :-(

On the bright side, one of the people I like in LarkRise, Jeremiah, moved in today. His stuff is still all in boxes. He says he should have it all straightened out by tomorrow.

Here is a weird thing: the townsfolk, on the whole, do not have much in the way of errands for you to run for them. At least I have not found that yet. Cesar is looking for "white furniture", but there is no way I can help him with that yet. Deena likes to have fishing competitions. I beat her on one last night, as to who could catch a horse mackerel first. She gave me an extra candle for my place as a reward. Next time she playfully threatened to steal my fishing rod first! :-P  Right now, we are competing on who can catch a dace (or a "mess o' dace") first. I am sooo fished out, from last night and this morning, that I am not really up for it, even though I told her I was. Rod wants to have a competition as to who can catch a dung beetle first. Well, that's gonna be a while: dung beetles are only found near snowballs (so it says in the strategy guide). No snow on the ground in Candlefd yet.

I bought some cool things at the Able Sisters tailor shop yesterday and today: some "funky glasses" and a wrestler's mask! Hee! I got a few shirts (some of which are the same as in the GameCube game) and a couple umbrellas. I also got some patterns there. I changed the town flag to a kind of clover/flower design (I forget its name). I am saving the "Tortimer's Pride" design. Don't want to lose *that*! I used it as a sort of ground design around the entrance to the Civic Center.

Cat'r and I are hoping to hook up via Wi-Fi tonight. His town is named Pretzel! And his town fruit is the apple. Yay! Foreign fruit! I'm not sure who is going to visit whose town yet. We'll see.

2:53pm: We're to meet in Pretzel tonight at 6pm, and I'm to bring some peaches. :-)  I have a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, and Cat'r is going to a McDonald's (a free hotspot).

8:18pm: Cat'r was not able to get to a hotspot that had its Wi-Fi working. Nuts. We'll try at noon tomorrow (a different McDonald's).

Not a lot going on in Candlefd. Jeremiah has not come out of his house all day. His things are still in cardboard boxes. And he doesn't want me in his house because he says it's "a pigsty". Poor guy.

This evening I designed a pattern of gold holiday bells with red ribbon on a green background. I'm not sure it looks so good as a shirt, but it's not bad as a kind of doormat in front of my house.  :-)  I changed the town tune to "Jingle Bells", even though I know they don't celebrate any kind of winter holiday around the solstice. I made another constellation, this one called Rattus. ::grin:: And I had some coffee at The Roost again. This was a special blend that was very good!

I'll sure be glad when Tom Nook's opens tomorrow. I hope he has a shovel and a watering can for sale! I need to get going on getting more greenery into the town. Two out of three of the saplings I planted for Tom Nook have taken hold, so that's a plus. I wonder how I'm gonna keep track of which flowers I planted and which ones to water...

Oh, I accidentally overheard a funny conversation between Rod and Deena! Rod said, "Don't come any closer!" Deena asked why. He said, "Don't laugh." and explained that he'd split his pants doing squats. Of course Deena did laugh. Then she started thinking and said, "Wait a don't wear pants!" Her eyes got really googly and weird at this point. "I wonder what you did split?!" Rod didn't say but stormed off. Heh. :-P

11:58pm: Whoa, bizzy night! I visited Jay in Endor, and that was a very nice time. His house looks cool! And his Nook's Cranny had a SLEIGH for sale there! It used to be you could only get one of those from the "igloo people"! And I talked to Samson, his resident mouse. After I got back home to Candlefd, I got a nice letter from Samson. Wow, that got saved in the Post Office in a hurry!

Anyway, back in Candlefd, after my travels abroad, I had a bunch of visitors! It was HECTIC. I am not sure I am going to do that again any time soon! Some were nice and polite, some were, well.........Most brought fruit, which is what we all need at this point. I know I am keeping Cat'r and Jay on my list; I know I'll be adding Bunnicula. I think a couple of the gals I met tonight will stay on my list too. But I think I need to be more careful. Things were starting to feel out-of-hand. What "saved" it is that the connection slowed to the point that Mr. Resetti said it was going to be reset (can you believe it?!). And that I might lose progress since the last save. It didn't look like I did...or if so, not much.

Anyway, I will be happy to see my Caterpillar in my town tomorrow. I know what to expect from him, my sweetie.  :-)

Green-purple line

Thursday, December 8, 2005: (writing Friday 5:35am) Bunnie moved in, but she doesn't want to talk, as she is so busy unpacking. Blanca was here very early. She asked me to redraw her face. However, I *liked* her face the way it was, so just added eyebrows. She seemed okay with that. :-)

Nook 'N' Go opened at 8am, with a larger selection of goods. Tom Nook also strong-armed me into joining the Happy Room Academy. ::grin:: He also informed me that I now have a mortgage of 120,000 Bells! Eek!

This morning's mail brought a very nice letter from Sarah (from HempTown), who had visited last night. She sent me a carpet! How sweet! I now have Backyard Lawn on my floor.

Planted fruit and hope the saplings will grow okay. I do not have a watering can or an axe yet. I did get a shovel at Nook 'N' Go, though, obviously. :-)

At noon I went to visit Cat'r in his town of Pretzel. I took him peaches, a couple extra oranges I had gotten Wednesday night, and a wrestling mask. Heh. It was so good to see him! AND one of his townsfolk (wait for it......) is .... DORA, the sweet little white mouse girl, who is my favourite person in LarkRise! Anyway, I talked to all his townsfolk, and (with Cat'r's permission) wrote Dora a letter and sent her a shirt as a gift (Cat'r called it bait--heh). I SO want her in my town!

Jeremiah and I had a date! He came over to my house at 2:03pm. Just before that, it started to snow! Beautiful, but not sticking yet. Anyway, Jeremiah said my room/house was "fragrant" (I had fruit lying on the floor--apples from Pretzel). He said that I should've "picked up" since I knew he was coming. Well, if someone would give or sell me a cupboard or so, I sure would! Hehehe. He talked a little trash about a couple of the girls in town, how they always want to talk about clothes and such and who wants to hear about that?! Then he said he gave me 2 out of 5 stars for my room. Well, considering I have next to nothing, that's not surprising. Then he left. :-P  I later sent him a thank-you letter for coming over and attached a shirt.

Not much else...I didn't want to invite anyone to my town in the evening because I had just planted (valuable) fruit trees and didn't want people running over them. I myself have had to be very careful not to run also! No one else's towns seemed to be open in the evening, so it was a quiet night. I fished a bit and paid some off on my huge mortgage.

Oh! Cesar had me change his catchphrase. It had been "highness". Well I changed it to "sweetheart". He said, "Are you serious? Isn't that a bit too cheerful for me?" Then he thought and said, "Ah! No one will expect it, and I can continue my mischievous plans for Candlefd!". Heh.

Green-purple line

Friday, December 9, 2005, 5:50am: I went to Candlefd around 3:30am. Cesar was wandering around, but everyone else seemed to be tucked into bed. Mathilda moved in overnight. I should see her later in the day.

It's still snowing.

I fished for a while. I do think fishing in AC:WW is harder than in the original AC--the fish seem more wily and finicky. And it seems that you almost always have to cast from an angle at the seashore. I don't mind not having the rumble feature--the "ploop" sound helps you know when to reel in. There also seem to be fewer (on the whole) fish in the river and pond.

I donated some more fish to the museum. Geez, Blathers sure has a fascination with the culinary arts re: fish! hee!

Later: Met Pascal around 10am. He gave me Seaview wallpaper.

I visited Alana in Haven this afternoon, then she visited my town. Nice calm visit.  :-)

It stopped snowing sometime in the morning; but there is a bulletin up by town hall saying a big snowstorm is coming tomorrow!

[Things going on IRL; so if this isn't as detailed, that's why]

  Sunset in Candlefd

Green-purple line

Saturday, December 10, 2005, 4:47pm: Lots doin' today! I did some early morning fishing. And a very strange and hyper animal was hanging around my door around 6am. His name is Lyle, and he's an insurance salesman. I finally caved and bought accident insurance. I will get reimbursed if I get stung by bees. Maybe other things are covered too? We shall see.

It started to snow again around 7am. Yay! The skies are grey and low and look like they want to dump a lot of the white stuff!

Monique moved in overnight. As is usual for animals who have just moved in and haven't finished unpacking, she didn't want to talk much.

I travelled to Serenity, where Indigo gave me pears and cherries. It was 9am where I was, but only 6am in her town. I did get to speak with one townsperson there: Deena. I have Deena too--she keeps the weirdest hours! Everyone else in Serenity was still asleep. Anyway, nice town, nice person.  :-)  When I got back home, I planted three pear trees and two cherry trees. I also planted three apple trees right by my house from the apples Cat'r gave me the other day.  

Alana visited my town early this afternoon, but only after I cautioned her STRONGLY to walk using the directional keypad only! I have tender saplings everywhere! I gave her the citrus carpet that matches the citrus wallpaper I gave her yesterday. She also bought some things at my Nook 'N' Go, as her Tom Nook's is closed today for renovation. We fished companionably.  :-)

Later this afternoon I started a new character: Matt, a boy. Actually, my RPG character is called Matt; but it's short for Matthea. She's on the run and disguised as/passing for a boy. So this could be that Matt. Anyway, remember all that snow? Well, when Matt arrived in Candlefd, the rain (it always rains on the way there, apparently) stopped, the sky was clear and blue...and NO SNOW. Sheesh!  Matt worked for Tom Nook for a bit and helped pay on the humongous mortgage. He's not going to a frequently-used character. Although he *can* help me get an extra K.K. Slider song tonight. :-)

I dressed up in a black beaded "shirt" (looks like a dress), and put a white flower in my hair for tonight. This is something I have been doing for a while now: dress up as nice as possible when going to see K.K. Slider. Can I help it if I am a K.K. fan? ::grin::

8:29pm: K.K. Slider. What can I say?! The guy's got charisma! It was a magical experience at The Roost, just a different kind of magical from the enfolding aura of the train station rendezvous. I got a cup of Brewster's excellent coffee while K.K. finished his sound check. Then I requested one of my all-time favourites, "K.K. Love Song". He was wonderful, as always. He gave me a bootleg copy of it to take home. He hates the big music corporations trying to make money off his music--he says it has to be FREE. So it's playing now in my/our house.

Matt went and also had java, then requested a new song, "Forest Life", which turned out to be the opening theme for the GCN version of "Animal Crossing". Very well done.  :-) 

We'll be looking forward to Saturday nights, I can tell you!

P.S. Clear night, constellations clearly visible. No snow. ::sob::

Green-purple line

Sunday, December 11, 2005, 10:57am: SNOW! There is snow on the ground and roofs and everything! YAY! And it's falling softly from the sky too.  :-)

My Tom Nook's is closed today for yet another renovation. So I caught a mess o' fish early this morning, then stored most of it (there is a limit apparently as to what you can put down on the floor! I tried to put one more aquarium down, but the game wouldn't let me and said something about "the floor might give out!") in my house until Bunnicula woke up. I figured I'd sell stuff over in hir town. I also had Blathers identify three fossils, but took them back for money. I was planning on buying lots of white turnips from Joan today.

ACK! I found out that if you talk to Sow Joan but don't buy/turn her down, then save and quit your game, she is OUTTA there. Gone until next week. Eek! I went to B.'s town of Haven and sold lots of fish, fossils, etc., thinking I could come back home and lay some Bells on Joan. She was GONE. I looked everywhere for her (she used to be difficult to find in the GameCube version of the game).  ::sigh::

While I was in Haven, I gave Alana an extra apple I had gotten in a letter from home, plus the bootleg of "Forest Life". When Alana went to see K.K. Slider last night, she accidentally typed the song title wrong and didn't get any music to take home with her. So now she has music at home too.  :-)

Alice moved in overnight. I have totally spaced and forgotten what kind of animal she is! I'll check in on her later today.

This morning I made a not-very-good snowman. While I was trying to get the two snowballs the right size, a dung beetle tried to make off with one! I didn't get my net out fast enough, and he got away. Nuts. Rod is looking for one.

On the bright side, I got a nice Classic sofa, a Regal dresser, and a tulip table from the recycle bin.   It seems that every character in your house has the ability to store up to 90 (!!) items in whatever storage items you have! Now I see the wisdom of later on, down the road, having four people in my house! I was wondering what in the world I was gonna do without a basement!

Green-purple line

Monday, December 12, 2005 (written Dec. 13th): I was at Matthilda's house at 2:40am. Her stuff was back in boxes! She's leaving, she says! And after I went to the trouble of getting her a fossil she had asked me for. :-/  She says maybe she will stay if she gets to meet people from out of town...

I made a perfect snowman! Yay! He later sent me Snowman Carpet.

Alana visited today, making a point of visiting Matthilda! I went to Haven (Alana's town) later on.

My orange trees are bearing fruit. Two apple trees (not from Cat'r) are bearing fruit. I gave Alana apples from one of them. One cherry tree bore fruit--I planted more cherry trees. Hope they take hold.

A coconut washed up on the beach! I planted it right by the ocean and was v e r y careful not to tread on it.

FISHED LIKE CRAZY! I finally paid off my second mortgage. My house will be bigger (the largest expansion possible for the first floor) tomorrow! And with it a much steeper mortgage!

Green-purple line

Tuesday, December 13, 2005, 9:24am: My/our house is bigger! Looks kinda empty. Well, at least we have (mostly) real furniture, even if it doesn't match.

Our house, expanded Closeup Candlefd Town Flag

Matthilda is still in town, although I didn't check on her, as I think she sleeps late.

I made another snowman, but he said he's all lumpy and ugly. ::sigh::

Saw Dr. Shrunk for the first time. He's going to help me get in touch with my emotions. He has taught me how to express shyness so far.  :-)

Matt is scaring me. He has donned a flame shirt and a hockey mask and is carrying an axe around town.

HE saw Dr. Shrunk. I am not sure how *that* is going to go...

Oh yeah: last night I went to Deena's house. She was sick with a cold, so I brought her medicine. She took it and said, "I can feel all the toxins draining out of my body! Well, I think it's all the toxins...or maybe it's all the snot." Heh.

Later: Matthilda stopped by to visit at 5pm. She said my place was neater than she thought it would be.  :-P

Green-purple line

Wednesday, December 14, 2005, 2:32pm: Yay! Foreign fruit is growing in my town now! Not a lot, but it's a start. :-) Also I have two little coconut saplings growing. Yay!

It looks like Matthilda is staying; but Bunnie is leaving.  :-(   Nuts! I *like* Bunnie! ::sigh:: I have tried writing to her and giving her gifts; Alana visited her and talked with her. I don't know what might change her mind...

Matthilda visited again at 12 noon today! It's nice she's being friendly, but she can be on the harsh side...

I went to The Roost today around 12:30pm for a cup of coffee. Rover was there! We had a nice chat. :-)  He said they are saying in Candlefd that I am a good letter writer. ::beam::

I made a perfect snowman today--I got a Snowman sofa for my efforts! Yay!

Alana and I visited each others' towns. Kiki (in Haven) gives me hats for gifts! You should see my current get-up. I didn't get a photo--maybe later. I'm wearing a "security shirt" (looks like a rent-a-cop outfit), a combat helmet (green, complete with netting and leaves), and 3-D glasses. hehehe   I    l o v e   being eccentric.

Oh yeah: Matt is now wearing bandages from head to foot: a "mummy shirt" and bandages all over his head. It's funny. I think he looks like a hospital patient now, asleep in the attic. Eek, what dark secret does Mousie have, hiding this poor injured person in her attic?!

Tom Nook (I am assuming...could be the Able Sisters) is having a 50% off sale at 5pm today! I saw the announcement on the town bulletin board. It didn't say which shop. I hope I pick the right one! I hope it's Nookway's!

Green-purple line

Thursday, December 15, 2005, 8:45am:  It *was* Tom Nook having the sale, and I got some good bargains.

I found out you can only have one cup of coffee a *day*!?! Eh???? I know it's it too addictive too?

This morning I found Rod sick in his house. He was shaking and seeing double. I gave him medicine, and he is very glad for it; but I think he's gonna need more. I don't know if this is a 24-hour sustained-release med. I think it is. More after midnight maybe.

So Crazy Redd is in my town today, with his (black) market tent. I got the secret password from Alice ("just cash"), then "bought" (was rushed into) a membership ("making me part of the family") so that Redd will send me the secret code via mail from now on. I bought a quaint painting from him, but it turned out to be a forgery. I sure hope I get compensation *soon* from my insurance!

A bit more fruit is in, but I need to wait a couple more days to see what is what. I gave some to Alana in the last day or so, so I have to wait for the trees to bear more. No coconuts yet, but the one tree is growing nicely. I think the other one is okay. It looks stunted, but I hope it's not.

Bunnie has unpacked and looks to stay, at least for a while! Yay!





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