My Animal Crossing: Wild World Diary

Part 2

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Vine-wrapped pole


Monday, December 19, 2005, 8:13am: The-world-outside-Candlefd has intervened, so that's why the entries are kind-of sparse at present. ::sheepish grin:: It *is* the holiday season, after all.  :-)

Friday, the 16th, Katie, a little kitten, was LOST and crying and demanded I take her to Haven (Alana's town) so that she could find her mother! I did that, and she was reunited with a rather scolding mom. But they were happy and relieved. The next day I received a thank-you letter from Katie, with a Papa Panda bear attached! No room for that in my house at present. Isn't it nice we can still store items attached to letters in the Post Office?! Heh.

Saturday, the 17th, Cat'r and Alana visited Candlefd in the evening; then Alana and I dashed over to Pretzel, Cat'r's town. :-P  We'd never done the three-way DS connection thing before. Fun!

Earlier that evening both Matt and I went to see K.K. Slider. I got something gawdawful called "Pondering". Oh geeez, do wait and get that song just about last, if you *must*. Matt re-requested "Forest Life", as he had given his boot of it to Alana.

Yesterday (the 18th) I was totally ready for Sow Joan (well, as ready as you can be, when you still have paid NOTHING on your third mortgage and have been trying to save, but shirts and hats and accessories just keep looking soooo cute!): I bought 180 white turnips @ 90 Bells. Hope I can turn a profit this week. If I can, *that* will go towards the mortgage!

I've been digging up lots of fossils and donating them to the museum. Blathers was all in a funk yesterday about bugs and his fear and loathing of them. Poor guy.

I've created two golden shovels so far (one for me and one for Matt). I am not sure if they do anything more than what they did in the original game: help dig up Bells that you might not otherwise find.

Yesterday I made another snowman: "Not bad for a beginner." But not perfect, and not good enough for a piece of Snowman furniture. ::sigh::

I haven't been to town yet this morning. I probably won't do a lot today--outside life is calling!

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Updated/backdated Tuesday, June 27, 2006 because of everyone nagging me. :-P  See also CM's Diary, though.

Friday, December 23, 2005: Monique moved out a few days ago. Matthilda moved to Haven; Friga moved from Haven to Candlefd. Kody (originally from Pretzel) moved to Candlefd. Dora (my favourite!!) moved from Pretzel to Haven!   (Candlefd=my town; Haven=Alana/B.'s town; Pretzel=Cat'r's town)

Wednesday Nookway closed; Thursday I had a Nookington's! I had my hair done in a up-do  at Alana's barbershop in Haven on Wednesday.

I have made several good snowmen: I now have the carpet, wallpaper, sofa, clock, dresser, and wardrobe.

Tom Nook was buying turnips for 173 Bells each yesterday--I am hoping for higher.

Blathers has been trying to conquer his fear of bugs--poor guy! Sable has been very friendly: she tells me all about their family, her favourite soap opera, etc.! :-)  Brewster is even talking a bit more. Speaking of which: I saw Phyllis in The Roost a few evenings ago--she said she wishes Pelly would "grow up" (!!).

Redd has been to my town twice. I bought a painting from him the first time; but it was a forgery. :-/  BUT Lyle has been sending me little insurance settlements of 100 Bells each: one for an accident (I fell down?); one for a bee sting.

Green-purple line

Saturday, December 24, 2005: Tom Nook was buying turnips at only 67 Bells each. But it was my last chance to sell before they all went rotten and I lost my entire investment. So I sold for a loss.  :-/

Matt (my secondary character) got a sleigh in the mail from Mom. :-)

Whoa, good fishin' this morning! I caught 3 red snapper, 2 football fish, and 1 sea butterfly!

I bought damage insurance from Lyle (wow, he charges a lot!--6000 Bells!) and handed over the forged painting.

I had my hair done at Shampoodle: a short white WHITE!

We all went to see K.K. Slider in the evening.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005: (no "regular" holidays in AC:WW, so nothing about it being Christmas Day) I bought 260 white turnips @ 99 Bells.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005: Tom Nook was buying turnips for 134 Bells each today, so I sold. I made a profit of 9,100 Bells. Not too bad, but you could usually count on making a killing in my other town of LarkRise (original AC game).

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006: I completed the Snowman series of furniture and remodeled my first floor! In other news: I caught a dung beetle (finally!) and donated it to the Museum. I am continuing my landscaping project, creating separate orchards for different fruit. And I went to Joey's birthday party.

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Friday, January 6, 2006: Wherein I get fed up one night during a frustrating night of fishing and post THIS on the Town Bulletin Board (click to see it larger):

That is the constellation Rattus in the upper screen, with the tail of Flounder visible above the moon.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006: When I asked Phyllis (who is sassy and blunt, but at least you know where you stand with her) about the environment, she read me a comment from the comment box which said, "Candlefd is mind-blowing!" (which I take to mean "perfect"). However she's skeptical about my being able to keep it that way.

Today I learned from Bunnicula the fine art of using the slingshot successfully! Yay!

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Sunday, January 15, 2006: I got the 1-story House Model from the HRA today!  I have 86,xxx points.

I bought 300 white turnips from Joan this morning @ 109 Bells.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006: Tom Nook was buying turnips for 127 Bells, so I made a tiny profit of 1,400 Bells. :-/

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Sunday, January 22, 2006: Today is Thea's (my tertiary character) birthday. Joey was waiting outside the front door for her to come out so that he could give her a birthday cake! :-)

I bought 400 white turnips from Joan this morning @ 103 Bells.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006: This evening we all got golden watering cans from Pelly (via Phyllis)!! The town is still perfect! Yay!

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Saturday, January 28, 2006: ALL RIGHT! Forget Tom Nook in Candlefd for turnip prices. I went to Haven and sold my turnips @ 164 Bells, for a profit of 24,400 Bells!

Sweet little Alice left. :-/  She moved to Haven.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006: I got the 2-story House Model today, with 115,xxx HRA points! :-)

Tangy, from Haven, moved in.

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Thursday, February 2, 2006: I got the golden slingshot today! I also started a 4th character. I now have Mousie (me), Matt, Thea, and Alice (newest).

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February 2006: On the left: a beautiful rainbow after a snow shower! That's me, standing by the town gate, flowers (somehow!) growing in the cold weather and the Candlefd flag flapping behind me. On the right: a letter from Nintendo left on the Town Bulletin Board. (click both to see them larger)

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Thursday, February 23, 2006: DORA MOVED IN!!! She originally lived in Pretzel, then moved to Haven, and is now in Candlefd! I sent her a welcome letter, enclosing a Baby Bear. :-)

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Friday, February 24, 2006: Mucho stuff going on: I sent Dora a heart shirt (or was it a pink wave shirt? I forget) in a letter. I caught a fly and donated it to the Museum--there are only 2 bugs in there so far. :-P  I paid off the mortgage on the left side room and put away over 100,000 Bells towards the next mortgage (harvesting and selling fruit is THE way to make reliable steady cash!). I caught a stringfish tonight--3d one of the season. I sold the first one I caught (tsk), gave the 2d one to the Museum, then sold this 3d one. Dora came to my house tonight at 11pm and was happily impressed. :-)

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Saturday, February 25, 2006: The snow is all gone! Everything is gloriously green, and it rained until 3pm.

Dora gave me her picture!!! Already!!!  :-)  :-)

This past week sometime Wendell came by. I gave him a red radish to eat, and he gave me a country guitar in return. I gave this to K.K. Slider this evening after his performance, and he gave me his picture!

I spent all day rearranging the floral landscaping of my town--twice! First I tried it like B. has Haven (flowers all along both sides of the river); but my river runs down the left-hand side of my town, not bisecting it east-west like in Haven. So I redid the flowers totally, making little "pocket gardens" all around town.

THEN I redid my house: Pirate theme on the 1st floor, center (large) room; Regal series in the left room; Snowman series (complete) in the right room; and the Exotic series on the second floor.

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Sunday, February 26, 2006: The HRA says I have 133,xxx points. No Mansion Model for me yet. ::sigh::

I turned in a 98.8" tuna for the fishing tourney today! I'm sure I won!

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Monday, February 27, 2006: I received the Fishing Trophy in the mail today, and THIS was on the Town Bulletin Board (click to see it larger):

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Sunday, March 12, 2006: I got the Mansion Model! 186,800 points from the HRA! I have all house expansions now: complete Pirate theme in the large center room; almost-complete Regal series to the left; complete Snowman series to the right; an all-things-Japanese room in the back room; and an almost-complete Exotic series upstairs. I haven't paid off my last mortgage yet.

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Thursday, April 6, 2006: I have coffee at The Roost with the perpetually grumpy Phyllis:

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Monday, April 10, 2006: I didn't win the Flower Fest, even with about a dozen hybrids and one golden rose! So I went back a couple days in time to add MORE FLOWERS around my house. When I came back to the present time, Dora had moved away. NOOOOOOOO!!! Plus to add insult to injury, I still didn't win the contest. The town feels terribly empty now without Dora...

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006: Between the time of the Flower Fest Debacle and early May, I engaged in some pleasant WiFi visiting around, including going to England and Australia! WiFi is cooool! But you need to know and trust the folks you visit and vice versa.  :-)

However in early May things came up In Real Life that made it too hectic to be playing AC:WW with any regularity. I lost interest and haven't been back to Candlefd since that time. Now I don't know if I want to go back to the terrible mess of weeds and all...And I am NOT looking forward to being jumped and bitten by buggy-things-I-don't-even-want-to-mention!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006: I went back to Candlefd today for about 1-1/2 hours. It wasn't as terribly weed-y as I thought it would be. All the flowers (except around Rod's house) were gone, except for my gold roses. Fortunately one of my other characters had a dresser full of packets of flower seeds! So I was able to make the town fairly presentable. All the fruit trees are heavy-laden.

No one had left, although Cesar was packed and wanting to go--yet again. Two of my characters talked to him until he said he's reconsider. I hope he does stay.

I asked Cat'r to come over to my town briefly, as I thought if we WiFi-d today, on the Fourth of July, Nintendo might be giving out presents to USA folk today. I did get a letter from them right after Cat'r left---but it was the Mother's Day letter (?!?) with a daffodil attached! WEIRD!

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Thursday, July 6, 2006: I've gone back each day, to water flowers and buy more flower packets. Today I asked Alana (Bunnicula's character) if I could visit Haven and buy flowers there, if she didn't want them. She said fine. So I went, helped her pull weeds, bought flower packets, and roamed around a bit. Well, one house had a lot of flowers around it. I wanted to find out who this avid gardener was, so I knocked and went in. IT WAS DORA!!!!!!  I thought I would never see her again in this game, EVER! I thought she had taken off for parts unknown! So I sent her a letter after we gossiped a bit, including an electric fan to keep her cool in these hot months. I am going to try to win her back to Candlefd!!!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007: Well, I hadn't been back to Candlefd for about 6 months. But I went back sometime last week and got hooked again. :-)  I found that I still had Dizzy's birthday party invitation (for sometime in mid-July) in my inventory. I especially want to work on completing, as much as I can, my catalogue. So Bunnicula and I are doing that. We have a long way to go! And we won't even get any pieces of the Mushroom series until autumn!

Tonight I WiFi'd to Cat'r's town and visited his Redd's Tent. I got THE BLACK KATANA!!! That was the last piece I needed to complete the 7-piece Japanese Set! Yay! My large middle room is done up in a Japanesque style, so I needed that. I can't wait to see what the HRA has to say about the complete Japanese Set (most of whose pieces are from Redd's Tent, i.e. hard-to-get/worth more points); plus my having finally found the last piece of the Regal series for one of my side rooms; plus yet another neighbour's pic (Chief, who just moved to Candlefd from Bunnicula's town).

Dora is still in B.'s town of Haven. So I have been visiting her and sending her gifts, trying still to woo her back to Candlefd. :-P 

B. and I are also back into major fruit production/harvesting. I just spent all my savings last week on a crown (1.2 million Bells!!!) at The Able Sisters shop. Now I am frantically trying to quickly build up my savings again in case the other crown (which I take to be the queen's/princess's crown) comes in. That will be an even 1 million Bells.

I guess the thing I like the most about both Animal Crossing games is that, yes, you *can* go home again. No matter how long you've been away, you will always find it essentially the same, with all or most of your neighbours still there. :-)  That's a comfort in such an ever-changing real-life world.

Green-purple line

Friday, January 26, 2007, 7:46am: More goodies from Redd! Yesterday he was in my town. I got the Exotic bed (FINALLY!). That completes my Exotic series on the second floor. So I now have three complete series in my house: Snowman, Regal, and Exotic. I have various sets in the middle large room and the back/first-floor room. What else did I get from Redd last night? Um, the Modern end table, I think. We already had the painting he was offering.

The Lost Kitten was in B.'s town yesterday. I could NOT find the mother in my town. So eventually I just opened the gate for Alana (B.'s main character) to come over to get some items. The Lost Kitten came with her, and the mother cat was waiting for her daughter at the gate! Yay!

Alana is looking very scary these days: she's got a mohawk, she's wearing a hockey mask, and she's carrying an axe around. Eeeeep! I think Matt must've told her about his um, pseudo-violent phase...

Today Redd should be in B.'s town of Haven. I wonder what we'll find there??

Green-purple line

Sunday, February 25, 2007, 7:02am: I was in Bunnicula's town of Haven last night around 10:30pm. S/he casually mentioned that Tom Nook had the THRONE for sale! Well, s/he and I both are at the Gold Level in the Tom Nook Point System, so the price was just within my reach. B. said s/he didn't have the money--she'd recently bought the (princess) crown for a cool million Bells--and it was okay if I bought the throne for myself. I RAN (carefully, so as not to trample any flowers) back to Candlefd, withdrew all my life savings from the post office (Phyllis was not amused. Well actually I don't think she cared one way or the other), and ran (again carefully) back to Haven. I bought the throne!!! I found a place for it in my back room, which is set up as sort of Near Eastern, with the Ancient Wall and Ancient Tile as wallpaper and carpet. I didn't do the feng shui thing with the throne--it's red/yellow (now how are you going to get something on the east and west walls BOTH to  satisfy that?!?). I put it on the north wall so that you can SEE it.  :-P  I have the crown (king's crown), the royal shirt, and the beard, so I (or my boy character especially) can look all regal and such. I still need to get the (princess) crown. I have it in my catalogue, since Alana (B.'s main character) let me hold/wear hers briefly.

So it's back to major fruit harvesting again! I had gotten lax about that. But I will need Bells again in case that other crown shows up in my Able Sisters shop in Candlefd!

Green-purple line

Thursday, March 8, 2007, 2:29am: Last night Thea (one of my four characters) packed up and moved out for parts unknown. I think Matt will be going soon too. On the flip side of that coin, Fleur from LarkRise (my AC-GCN town) arrived! She has been out seeing the world and finally landed in Candlefd! She looks *just like* the girl in the "Doubutsu no Mori" movie! Should she keep her hairstyle the way it is or go to Shampoodle and get a new do?

Sad news: Rod, the mouse, moved out overnight/tonight. He had been in Candlefd for probably a year at least. I just couldn't persuade him to stay. ::sigh:: Puddles, from Bunnicula's town of Haven, moved in right where Rod used to live. ::sigh::   :-(

2:08pm: Matt left this morning, to join Thea (literally--they will merge back into one person, as they were originally in Bebop's RPG game we were playing--see here, here, here and here. Mattea was/is a farm girl, but she was travelling in disguise as a boy named Matt. So they are now back together and presumably still on the run but having high adventures as she/he/they go). Sonny finally got here after all his travels, after leaving LarkRise (Sonny originally started in my secondary AC-GCN town of Happy). So now my characters in Candlefd are: Mousie, Sonny, Fleur, and Rain.

Green-purple line

Friday, March 9, 2007, 7:58am: I was back in Candlefd again last night. :-)

I found out that the Ninja Hood and Burglar's Shirt (I think? I keep calling it a Robber's Shirt, but that's not right, is it?) go together. Too cute! Wearing that, I feel I should be jumping nimbly from rooftop to rooftop!  :-P

Rowan gave me his photo tonight! Yayayayayay! Rowan is from Pretzel, Cat'r's town. I felt bad that Rowan followed me away from Pretzel (from my visiting Pretzel just one time) to Candlefd. So I told Cat'r that if Rowan ever moves away from my town, I will give Cat'r the photo.

Fished, talked to townsfolk, just puttered around. It's soothing and relaxing to stand down by the ocean by night and listen to the surf, not caring what kind of fish shows up on your hook.  :-) You know what is weird though? In the AC-GCN Animal Crossing game your bobber floats in towards you, on the tide (makes sense). In AC:WW your bobber floats OUT. Ehhh??

I don't think I mentioned this earlier, but I have begun keeping hybrids in my house. I leave the gold roses outside because they won't wither and they look prettier out there. And I put duplicate hybrids outside. But at least I won't lose new ones (from forgetting to water them) by having them indoors. Plus I can wear any one of them in my hair at any time, then put it back on a table, good as new! Hmm. I haven't tried wearing a Jacob's Ladder yet. I'll try that today. Errr. I haven't tried wearing a dandelion yet either.  :-P   I *have* made a wish and blown on a dandelion puff many-a-time, though. :-)


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