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Part 3

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Vine-wrapped pole

Saturday, March 24, 2007: Photos from Yay Day:

In Cesar's house, with him trying desperately to be nice
Sonny decides to toy with Cesar's emotions

Thursday, April 5, 2007:

Cherry Blossom Festival

Green-purple line

Friday, June 22, 2007: Cesar is one of my long-time residents in Candlefd. I just can't let him leave! He's too cool and grumpy.  :-P

Green-purple line

Monday, July 30, 2007, 7:40pm: I've been going to Candlefd pretty regularly since January--I just haven't been writing about it.

Late this afternoon/early evening I harvested fruit in a raging thunderstorm. I wonder if wearing a metal fireman's hat could be dangerous in such conditions? Well, I never got struck, but I don't think I would try that in the real world! :-P  But I figured a fireman's hat and a fireman's slicker--what better way to keep off the rain?

The reason I wanted to get the fruit harvested tonight is that I might not have time to do it tomorrow. And the interest on one's account at the Post Office is added at the end of each month. I now have (in part thanks to generous friends) over 3 million Bells! The interest on that is nicely hefty. :-)

People who live in my town at present: Aurora (cute nice penguin girl); Jeremiah (sometimes-weird blue frog boy. I think he originally came from my sister's town); Limberg (grumpy mouse guy--love him! He came from Baker's town); Bree (cute but sassy mouse girl); Cesar (grumpy gorilla guy--love him too); Caroline (cute nice squirrel girl. She's from Matt's town of Nambour in Australia); Rowan (sporty off-beat tiger guy from Cat'r's town of Pretzel); and Peanut (sassy stuck-on-herself squirrel girl).

Landscaping: I have 10 golden roses now, all of which are outside, around my house. I have all the other hybrids put away in dresser drawers, except for my one orange rose, which is on a table in my house. All the rest of the flowers in town are the common flowers you can buy at Tom Nook's. There are some Jacob's ladders scattered here and there too. Oh yeah, and a small patch of dandelion puffs in the northwest corner of town.

Whenever I play the game nowadays, I ask Officer Copper to open the gates if it's almost or after 7pm. I do NOT want to run into a tarantula or scorpion! Ugh! I saw one of the former just once. That was enough for me! I'll be glad when autumn comes and they are GONE!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007, 9:14am: Last night was the second edition of the August Fireworks Show in Candleford! I had all four of my characters go and beg as many fireworks off Mayor Tortimer as we could get. Then I laid out 10 sparklers and 10 Roman candles by my house and the same in front of town hall. I opened the gate and invited Cat'r over from Pretzel! I picked up the fireworks from my flagstones, and we went to the town hall and shot off fireworks under the sparkling sky! We had lots of fun shooting them off and seeing all the beautiful explosions in the sky! I'll try to take photos next weekend or so.

Cat'r also went and talked to Bree, who seems to want to meet new people visiting from other towns. She's a mouse--I gotta keep her happy! :-P 

Before he left, Cat'r got to see my weird and wonderful house. I have a totally insane Nintendo room--it seriously will drive you nuts in just a few minutes if you stay in there! It's so noisy and crazy! My favourite thing in there is probably the windowbox with Pikmin in it. :-P  Shoutout to Matt and others on the Tinkerville list for giving me a lot of the cool Nintendo items!

Cat'r said he felt most at home in my main/central room, as it is a pirate ship--and Cat'r was dressed as a pirate! :-D  He thought the super toilet was a bit much though...he said, "Use the ocean, lass!" hee hee

11:53am: Catching up on posting photos: here is a cute CUTE model of an AC:WW house I received as a present. It came in a clear plastic ball, like what you get out of a gumball machine. I had NO idea what it was until I started looking at the pieces! You assemble it yourself! It's from Japan (no directions in English), but everything was pretty intuitive. :-) Notice that it's the Ranch series of furniture! Well, *some* of it. ::grin::

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007, 11:22pm: I went to Candlefd this afternoon. The trees are beautiful!! The fruit trees are a dark red colour, and the plain deciduous trees are a brown-gold. The grass has all gone brown. Everything has that wonderful autumn feel. :-)

I hadn't been back for three weeks (so the residents told me), so of course I had a lot of weeds to pull and a pest problem at home to contend with. All is well now. Oh yeah, and Cesar was threatening to move out (yet again). I threatened back, with a gift attached. Heh. All four of my humans talked to him and extracted promises that he would rethink the whole thing.

There was a notice on the town bulletin board that the mornings would be chilly and we could get snow by the end of the month!

I am not planning on planting many flowers now. After all, in real life we've had some frost so far, and a hard freeze should be coming anytime now. Flowers are not going to survive that. Having just invoked reality, I will say that I do have my unreal but lovely gold roses around my house, I have a few random flowers up by the gate, and there is one place that needs flowers down by the beach, if I want a perfect town (which I might not have if I don't have a lot of flowers elsewhere--I'll have to check with Phyllis (who is more to-the-point about things) on this). I think I need a patch of red roses somewhere, so I can still try for black roses...the better to get more gold roses!

Once the ground is covered in snow, everyone is going to start wearing sweaters and hats, the warmest gear I can find for them.

Backtracking: during October I started a new town called Luisvill (pronounced loo-ee-vill, not loo-EES-vill, as you might suspect). I did it in part because a new town doesn't have that many fruit trees, and DOES have a lot of plain trees, the better to produce acorns! So during the Acorn Festival there was a lot of mad running around and collecting and pooling the acorn crops from both Candlefd and Luisvill, to give to Cornimer for Mushroom Series furniture. That was in addition to some wonderful gifts of complete sets of the Mushroom Series, one for my house in Candlefd and one for Sarah's house in Haven. I was able to get, on my own, a complete set for the house in Luisvill with the acorns I collected.

Sometime last month we in Candlefd finally completed our catalogue of K.K. Slider songs and now have a complete collection of his music at home! If for some reason we don't want to listen to any of that, we can listen instead to the lovely music box that Kaitlin gave me for all the times I have found her daughter and reunited the two of them.

Ah, life is good. You can always go home again. :-)

Green-purple line

Monday, December 3, 2007, 2:52pm:  As I mentioned in CM's Diary, there were snow flurries in Candlefd on Saturday! Yay! So I got everyone dressed up in sweaters/winter shirts and HATS, knitted whenever possible. Any day now (I hope!) there will be an announcement on the bulletin board about a big snow coming. I can't wait!! But WHEN is Tom Nook going to get  in the Big Festive Tree and other items (Festive Tree, Festive Candle, Festive Flag)?!? I didn't play this time last year, so I can't order them. And I want to see when he actually does get them in, so I turned down B.'s offer to order me the massive 4-block-size Big Festive Tree.

Today in Luisvill I finally got around to doing landscaping, i.e. chopping down native fruit trees and plain deciduous trees and putting in "foreign" fruit trees. I hope everything comes up okay! I tried to be very careful not to run anywhere today! I don't plan on making this town a veritable fruit factory like I did with Candlefd (and LarkRise before it, on the GameCube). I want just enough fruit trees, that if I need a few quick Bells, the fruit will be available. I don't plan on doing massive harvesting either. I do that in Candlefd, but not very often now, as it is so time-consuming.

I forget (or maybe I never knew) how much merchandise needs to be bought and sold at Nookway before Tom Nook will decide to close up and remodel into Nookington's. I have definitely had someone from another town buy items there, so that is not a problem. We just haven't done enough buying and selling yet, I guess.

I don't think I mentioned the people who live in my house in Luisvill. They are: Flora ("The Lily of the West"); Cat'r (because that's where he is IRL ::grin::); and Louise (named for the obscure but wonderful silent film actress Louise Brooks). I so wish we could get BLACK hair at Shampoodle! I did manage to get Louise a haircut (in Candlefd) almost exactly like Louise Brooks'. When I was planning on creating her character, I had to think about what furniture and music someone of her stature and sensibilities might like. I furnished her room with the Regal series, and she has some ragtime and swing (actually, beyond the right time period) on her phonograph. She mostly wears black or dark dresses (shirts), especially the beaded shirt. It felt very weird to "let" her fish when she was first in town. She should just lounge in her room or stroll through town or walk barefoot in the surf or do whatever her heart desires.  :-)

Green-purple line

Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 7:25am: Changes coming! When I went to Candlefd and Luisvill on Sunday, here is what was on their bulletin boards (click on the photo to see it bigger):

I made sure last-minute preparations for the snowstorm were done, everyone dressed up warmly, fireplaces going, warm stoves where possible. Tom Nook finally had a Big Festive Tree for sale in Candlfd, so we bought that and put it in the center of our great room. Alana brought me a Festive Tree over from Haven, so I put that in the Snowman room. Looks nice!

Tom Nook was having a Point Special in Luisvill, so Flora bought a lot of furniture, carpeting, and wallpaper, to try to get Mr. Nook to decide to remodel and expand to a Nookington's. It worked! Sunday evening Tom Nook closed down for remodeling on Monday/yesterday.

Yesterday it snowed all day in both towns. The ground was still a bare brown, but the snow fell on and on and on...Everyone talked about how cold it was. We couldn't get much done in Luisvill with Tom Nook's closed. But we are eagerly awaiting the grand reopening later today!

Early this morning in Luisvill, around 5:30am, Flora got up and wandered outside (dressed warmly, of course!). Crunch crunch crunch went her footsteps on the new white snowy ground. It was cold. No one anywhere. Flora just walked a short ways, then went back inside. She checked on the fireplace in the great room, the space heater in Cat'r's room, made sure the stove was in working order in the kitchen, and looked out the windows in Louise's room in the back. Then she went upstairs to her own Lovely room, looked out the windows, turned out the light, took her teddy bear in her arms, and took a short nap. Why stay out in the cold dark morning when you can stay warm inside?

Everyone will check out the new landscape (and new store!) later today.

Green-purple line

Thursday, March 27, 2008, 2:06pm: I went back to Candlfd today. I hadn't been since early January (I *think*)! I took down the festive trees, candles, and flag. I had everyone clean out their closets and sell off winter clothes and get into some springtime garb. Then there was the inevitable uh, cleaning of the house and the weeding of the entire town. Jeremiah left at some point. :-(  We all got a letter from him saying "Goodbye". I had had him in my town for at least a year. Oh well. :-/  I don't have near enough flowers around town yet. I have gold roses and four-leaf clovers around my house; but otherwise, not much is blooming yet in Candlefd.

I haven't been to Luisvill yet--I hope Dora didn't move out! Eep! I'll find out later today.


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