My Briarberry Bears and Their Friends

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In the beginning there were two bears...

Pennyberry and Sarahberry
December 1999
The girls with Teddy et al.

Mollyberry arrived in January 2000

Pennyberry, Mollyberry, and Sarahberry had a little party on a double-decker bus!



July 2000: A Briarberry tea party!

Berrylouise, Sarahberry, Berryann, Pennyberry, and Mollyberry, all dressed up!
Taking tea to strains of Mozart Detail on carrycase/
steamer trunk
The girls get into everyday dresses and relax after the party Teddy with a girl on each arm!

July 2000: QVC's "Christmas in July" 24-hour program!

Beautiful Berryangela Berryangela and the TV

December 2000: Christmas Eve

Merryberry, Pennyberry, and Sarahberry sit up andb talk, waiting for Santa Time for sleep! Meanwhile, Berryangela, Berrykris, and Berrynicole get ready for the Big Day



December 2001: Christmastime again!

Sarahberry in the canopy bed Berrykris gets ready to fly; Berrylouise settles in;
Berrysue waves
Friendly hellos from nearby
Berryangela's beatific presence Merryberry and Berrynicole wait up for Santa



January and February 2002

Skating party (brochure re-creation) Sarahberry dons a sweater Berrysue and Berrymarie sample Berryjane's delicious food
Berrykris gets ready for bed Berrynicole sacks out Berryellen and Berrybeth play babycare; Hannahberry and Lisaberry sit and read
Briarberry Collection logo
Valentine tea party! Sarahberry skates before her fans, after winning the skating medal Yellow flower Berryann and one of the other girls try on lovely outfits made by Ouma, the Doll Lady!
Mollyberry wears the fancy green velvet outfit made for her by Ouma, the Doll Lady Berryjustin wears the matching green velvet outfit made by Ouma BB minis, Berrynicole sleeping, and Hannahberry the bunny saying hello Ashleyberry looking hip in sunglasses!
Mousie! Berries Birdie!
  Pennyberry and Berrylynn wearing "Princess" and "Angel" sweaters   Pennyberry loves the new lavender granny glasses!  



As of Thursday, April 20, 2006: There are now only 5 bears left and 4 friends-of: Pennyberry, Sarahberry, Mollyberry, BerryAnn, and Berryangela have stayed. Also Berrykate, Berryellen, Berrysue, and Hannahberry are still here. All the others (including the babies) have gone to other homes via Goodwill. I hope they will be happy where they all end up. A little more information is here.


June 21, 2006

Mollyberry, Pennyberry, Sarahberry, BerryAnn, Berryangela Berrysue, Berryellen, Hannahberry, Berrykate
Pennyberry Sarahberry Berrysue Hannahberry
Mollyberry BerryAnn Berrykate Berryellen





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