Daisy, The Well-Travelled Mousie


Daisy Goes To Philadelphia!
(July 2001)

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Daisy Gets A Hand Daisy Gets Help Daisy on the Hood Daisy on the Dash
A Friend Helps Daisy Daisy Sunning Herself on the Hood of the Car Daisy on the Dashboard
Daisy Watching Out Daisy's View Daisy at the Liberty Bell Pavilion Daisy at the Lunch Counter
Daisy Watches the Road Ahead Daisy's View Out The Front At Liberty Bell Pavilion, Looking At Independence Hall Daisy Has Lunch at Mrs. K's
Daisy at the Ben Franklin Bridge The Hard Rock Cafe Daisy eats at the Hard Rock Cafe Another view of Daisy's lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe
Daisy at the Benjamin Franklin Bridge The Hard Rock Cafe Daisy Has Cheeeeeese and a Milkshake at the Hard Rock Cafe
Police memorabilia
  Police Memorabilia on the Wall Near Daisy's Table  


Daisy also got to go to other places in Philadelphia, such as Independence Hall, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the Bourse; but sometimes the lighting was too dark for the Kodak PalmPix digital camera that was being used or sometimes the situation was just not right. Daisy also sort-of got to go to the Area:One Festival (organized by Moby) in Camden, New Jersey, but had to remain in the trunk of the car for her own safety's sake.


Daisy on assignment. She watched over the Cat'r during his almost-4-year-long assignments in Kentucky and Indiana. With her are Lord Ganesha, reading, and Mickey & Minnie Mouse, kissing. Photo taken May 28,  2006 by the Caterpillar.
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Daisy has been to many other places: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Boston, Chicago, and Columbus, Ohio. She's looked out many an airplane window! Also: photos after her return from Woodstock '99 will be coming at some point (yes, this time she actually went and saw some of the bands!)!

Daisy can also be seen at the Mouse Tea Party!

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