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Scarf knitted in Lion Brand Suede on Lion Brand Speed Stix (US size 50 needles). Matching cloche crocheted in two colours of LB Suede. Completed February 2006



Matt's Gloves. These are fingerless gloves/short gauntlets that my RPG character, a cleric,  hurriedly crocheted after learning that anyone might discover the sacred/mystical tattoo on the palm of her right hand by pretending to shake hands, only to turn over her hand to see the mark of the religious organization she is fleeing. She is presently travelling in the guise of a young man. Completed February 2006.



Lacy-look scarf/stole crocheted in Ice Blue Red Heart Symphony yarn. Completed in February 2006.



I cannot resist Red Heart Kiss yarn! I began knitting this irresistibly soft scarf in November 2005 and completed it and the matching loom-knitted hat in March 2006. The hat is made of Lion Brand Homespun.



Keyhole scarf knitted from Paton's ChaCha Jazz yarn. Completed March 2006. Matching hat and wristlets here.



One of two baby blankets I crocheted for Cin City Stitch's charity project. This was blankets for preemies and stillborn babies. I forgot to photograph the other blanket, which was Lion Brand's Little Victory Blanket in LB Homespun Baby yarn. The blanket pictured here is done in a baby yarn, double stranded. Both completed April 2006.



Round the Capelet (from Interweave Press), crocheted in Linen Red Heart Grande yarn. Completed April 2006.









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All photographs copyright Joanna M. Phillips 2005-2008, except for those of me modeling various items, copyright J. T. Crawford 2005-2008, used with permission