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Crocheted hat done in Lion Brand Chunky USA (the wrong weight yarn for this pattern, but all that I had on hand that was close enough in colour to match the previously-knitted scarf). Hat completed April 2006.



Rib knit scarf in progress, made from Lion Brand Chunky USA yarn, November 2006



"Arden" scarf (pattern by Berroco), knitted using Berroco Quest yarn (looks metallic, feels so soft and silky!), finally completed! Christmas present for MIL, December 2006



Teddy's Busted-Double-Crochet Scarf. I don't know what yarn I used specifically--I think Caron Simply Soft. It was done in time for him to go see Christmas lights (again!), Saturday, December 23, 2006



Cell phone cozy, using the same pattern as this one. I knit this in Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn and lined it with white cotton fabric.
Completed February 2007



Tamagotchi Cozy! Crocheted from Red Heart Kids "Light
Purple" yarn. Made one afternoon in February 2007.



Muffatees (fingerless gloves) knitted of Lion Brand Homespun in Deco, to match this loom knitted hat and this crocheted keyhole scarf. Completed August 2007.



Fingerless gloves aka muffatees crocheted from Bernat Satin Sport yarn in Meadow colour. I was amazed at how this swirled effect emerged! Completed September 2007.









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All photographs copyright Joanna M. Phillips 2006-2008, except for those of me modeling fingerless gloves, copyright J. T. Crawford 2006-2008, used with permission