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Cat'r's Navy Grape Throw. This was knitted over the course of several years! I would leave it alone for months at a time, then work on it again. It's made of Red Heart Light & Lofty yarn in...navy grape colour. It's a nice soft yarn--Teddy likes it. It's a simple garter stitch. I started it on big pink US 15 needles but eventually got tired of worrying about stitches falling off (75 stitches wide), so I switched to some nice Crystal Palace bamboo circular needles. Begun Sept. 2004 and completed Sept. 2007!


Also a project worked on over a couple years: Cat'r's Farrow Rib Muffler (pattern in The Little Box of Scarves). This was knit in Bernat Berella 4 yarn, Dark Oxford colour. Completed September 29, 2007.


I Can't Believe I'm Knitting With Double-Pointed Needles!


Just the beginning of a pair of wrist warmers done in stockinette stitch with Red Heart Soft in Embers colour, to match a diagonal-scarf-in-progress and a hat yet-to-be-knitted. September 30, 2007. [EDIT Oct. 3, 2007: Bwahahaha! I frogged it and started over again on five DPNs! Better, better!]  Completed set here.



Fall Shawl, made from this crochet pattern, but varied a little bit. Made from KnitPicks Shine Sport (Orchid) and Twist (Parrot). Completed Oct. 2007.



Obnoxiously Simple Fingerless Gloves. I knit mine in KnitPicks Crayon, to match this hat and scarf. Completed October 2007.



Yet more crocheted wrist warmers, same pattern as these. These are made from Bernat Softee Baby, to go with a previously knitted scarf in Moda Dea Tutu and crocheted hat made in Lion Brand Chunky USA. I know the pinks don't really match. It was the best I could do, since all three items were made at different times. Wrist warmers completed October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) 2007.



Progress Report on Embers Wrist Warmers


I've finished the first one and just started the second one. As you can see, I am working with 5 needles now, instead of 4.  October 15, 2007  Completed set here.



Openwork crocheted cap for a breezy day, done in a few hours, based very loosely on this pattern, using Caron Simply Soft yarn. Completed October 19, 2007









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