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Teddy says Lotsa Hugs to You!!! from Mousie too!

July 19, 2006


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Fashions and Friends (June 2002)

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Teddy, Martin, Nicholas, Long John Sleepyhead, Hello Kitty, and Christopher Summer attire for the Ted! Help! I can't see! Peek-a-boo! Ah! All dressed!
Teddy, Martin, Nicholas, and Christopher sporting new clothes from Build-A-Bear Workshop Teddy in island shirt and cargo pants Ack! This tee-shirt is hard to get into!
My new tee-shirt! Eh? How do I wear this? Teddy with Nicholas right behind Teddy and Nicholas, with their heads together Wide-shot of Teddy, Nicholas, Peace, Hello Kitty
The shirt says, "Someone in Ohio Loves You" Teddy tries on Nicholas' new hat How do I look? And is there someone lurking behind me? It looks better on *you*, Nicholas!
Teddy, Nicholas, Peace, Hello Kitty, Christopher, Mr. Snowman, and little Jasper Teddy, Nicholas, Hello Kitty, Peace, LJS, Jasper, Christopher, and Mr. Snowman Red heart Teddy, Martin, Nicholas, Jasper, and Hello Kitty Teddy, Martin, and Jasper
Lots of fuzzy friends hanging out together   Friends swap clothes: Teddy wears the patriotic visor; Martin wears the island shirt


Teddy at the Computer! (May 2002)


Hmmm.... Not having fingers makes this a tad difficult... ::type type type:: Phone books are helpful, with a towel for traction!
Teddy hard at work with Web-based email client


Teddy takes a trip to Michaels, the arts & crafts store! (July 2001)


Seatbelts! Cushions! Flowers! Leaves! Basket!
Teddy straps in Relaxing on cushions Hiding out! Trying out a basket
Books! Watercolours! Pedestal! Bob Ross! Scarecrows!
Buy these! Field tripod/box On a pedestal! These look good! Boo!
Pumpkins! Sunset! Grocery store! Comfy bed! ZZZZZ...
These LOOK real... A lovely sunset And looking east Time to sleeeeep


Teddy knit bar


Teddy standing up Teddy and Christopher Teddy and Peace
The Ted stands alone! Teddy and Christopher Teddy and Peace


All of the above photos were taken with a Kodak PalmPix digital camera


Teddy squiggle bar


 Teddy is a Mr. Bean teddy bear. All of them, at least those released in the U.S., as far as I know, were given numbers so that one could be sure one had gotten an authentic "Mr. Bean: His Teddy". My Teddy's number, on his "tush tag", *looks* like No. 151819. The printing is almost totally worn off the tag now, what with Teddy's having gone through the cyclonic ocean and what-not! To learn more about all these exciting events, click the button below!


Teddy in the freezer! Teddy still in the freezer! Teddy thawing out! Teddy still thawing out!
Teddy on ice! Teddy on The Rack!


Teddy's True Story




You ain't seen nothin' yet!

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Teddy knit bar



All Michael's trip photos and the three photos below them copyright R. N. Dominick 2001-2008, used by permission | All other photos copyright 2002-2008 Joanna M. Phillips | Background from Absolute Background Textures Archive | Small red heart from The MousePad | All other graphics (except sunflowers) by CountryMouse (the buttons and bars were all made from scans of Teddy's little knitted body!)