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The Embers Set. All items knit from Red Heart Soft Yarn. Earlier pictures of the progress of the fingerless gloves on Page 14, here and here. Everything completed October 29, 2007.


A Relaxing Way to Crochet, Thursday, November 8, 2007




Neckwarmer and hat crocheted in Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Wrist warmers forthcoming! Completed November 2007



Chocolate Tam, crocheted in Lion Brand Color Waves (Purple Vista) and Fun Fur (Chocolate), with edge done in Red Heart Soft Yarn (Chocolate). Based on Lion Brand's pattern for Copper Tam, but modified as I went along. You can't see it, but I am wearing it at a jaunty angle. ::grin:: That's my reversible storm coat/faux fur coat. Done in one afternoon, November 27, 2007.



 Green Christmas Shawl, made from this pattern. Crocheted in Red Heart Holly yarn, a super bulky yarn, using a Q hook. This colour is Ivy Metallic. I crocheted the edging holding together one strand Lion Brand Festive Fur White and one strand Festive Fur Silver. Completed December 12, 2007.



Red Christmas Shawl, same as above. Crocheted in Red Heart Holly yarn. This colour is Holly Metallic. Scalloped edging done in Red Heart Soft yarn, Cherry Red; silver edging on three points done in Patons Brilliant, White Twinkle. Completed December 20, 2007. Photos taken December 21, 2007, when we celebrated Yule.



Golden Trellis Shawl in progress. I started this yesterday (December 28, 2007) and hope to finish it in time for New Year's Eve! This is being crocheted from Paton's Brilliant, Gold Glow.
Completed December 30th; photographed New Year's Eve, December 31, 2007.



Obama Victory Scarf (in progress)


This is a garter ridge scarf, begun whilst watching
the Democratic Primaries in May 2008 (color-adjusted in PSP to try to approximate actual colour)



Obama Victory Scarf  completed!


Scarf above, done in Caron Simply Soft, Soft Green, completed October 26, 2008



Obama Victory Hat (in progress)


Same yarn as above, using Crazy Aunt Purl's Easy Roll-Brim Knit Hat Recipe, begun Oct. 26, 2008

See it completed here!









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All photographs copyright Joanna M. Phillips 2007-2009 except where noted | Neckwarmer, hat, and green and golden-shawl-in-progress photos copyright © J. T. Crawford 2007-2009, used with permission | Red shawl and completed golden trellis shawl photos with me modeling copyright © R. N. Dominick 2007-2009, used with permission